Placement fairness and plain problems


Hi there, I would be interested in hearing about placement results, especially grossly inadequate placements.
Consider this: placement 6 wins - 4 losses, the 6 wins in a row as the last 6 games of the 10; placement result: bronze 5 - 0 rank points, the lowest possible. I had 2 MVPs in those games and scored pretty high, (and yes, I know of the MMR system; I see also how disastrously MMR is computed).
What do you think of such placements? It looks like placement result is a random function, if not a desired determined outcome for other purposes.
I would also add that the 4 first losses where “programmed”, the players in my teams were not normal human players as encountered on main season ranked, unranked, qm, and even vs AI.


What do you mean they were programmed ? Detail a bit their behaviour.
Regarding your rank I believe they put you too low even if you played badly because the system counts wins as a condition first and foremost. You should have a drasticaly better result next season because there will be more matches under your belt.