Placement Test: Gold 4 to....?


I made a test:

With my account in after 6-4 i got placed In Plat 2 from Master LOSING 7 ranks.

I played with the account of a friend of mine Gold 4. After 9-1 i got placed…PLATINUM 1. I GAINED 9 RANKS!!! Now we have a master and a gold player almost togheter. ALMOST because the gold player is even higher than the master!!!

Could someone from Blizzard tell me something? I keep on writing about this but in 12 days nothing happend.

Is this the way to show respect towards players? I spend money every year in order to support developers. Why nobody supports me?


plat 1 is the new silver… i’ve taken breaks and lost hope many times, but this is just a nice last nail in the coffin. 10-20 games inna row with some random placementers who never will play ranked after.


You’re not alone unfortunately. Blizzards explanation was that it affected ‘300 accounts’ in the first few hours, lol.
I’ve seen tons of actual bronze 4/5 players who’ve been down there for seasons on end all of a sudden pick up 8-9 ranks from placement. Not sure who they’re kidding but I feel like they are just trying to make people want to stop playing.