[PLAT 1] Looking for people to play ranked with

Hi all, SuperSonix9 here

I want to play ranked, but it does not seem like I can find someone to play with. I am a main Auriel player with backup Lucio, so I tend to play mostly healer. However, I have characters I can play in any role, so I can fill if necessary.

Who wants to join that:

  1. Has voice communication. I really prefer this over typing. Can be either in game or Discord if that is preferred.
  2. Speaks the English language. (Is also my second language, so no excuses there :wink: .)
  3. Is around a rank that is eligible to play with Platinum 1.
  4. Can play regularly.
  5. Is not toxic and is willing to learn to get better at the game. This can also mean we sometimes do some practice rather than only ranked.

You can send an invite to: SuperSonix9 #2916

Hopefully see you then :slight_smile: .