Please buff Zeratul



no not cuz of that. basically the new zeratul is much weaker for what he used to be able to do. I don’t want him to be able to 100-0 dmg carries ranged like how he used to do, but please, PLEASE, buff his dmg. It takes way too long to kill someone for doing a big mistake (going in fog of war alone as a non tank). Zeratul can still burst him down, but he can just walk back to his team which isn’t really a good thing a burster should allow, as once his team is there, Zeratul won’t be able to go in without risking his own life. Unlike Valeera, he has no blind/silence/stun etc, he only has a slow which is a skillshot but that’s it. I’d say that the devs should buff his dmg, but not too much so a newbie can 100-0 everyone(!), but just enough so a skilled player can burst someone down quick with Might of Nerazim. But also lower his survivability outside, aka lower health regen + lower health. Make him so his survivability is reliant on his aa heal talent or smthn. Keep in mind that Zera has no CC/Blinds unlike Valeera. this might end bad.


…What build are you doing?
He’s litterly an end game monster.


Actually you’re right lmao (i use the aa build). But damn the early game zeratul is next to useless


AA build is and always was one of the worst builds to go.
In the older days it had some use but now it’s technically a death setence.

Go Q build, and try to combine a poke of your melee and Q to do damage.
Also always go worm hole. So you can jump in Q.W.hit somoene and jump out and maybe if you get a follow up. Use vorpal to finish it off.


I play alot of Samuro and when i recently learnt AA Zeratul i noticed he is a late game horror and a early game nuisance at most.

Same as Samuro, so early game i just solo mostly and take camps and stuff like on Samuro

He becomes a true hero about after 10 with AA and really scary after 13 and 16.

Fun fact, if you reach lvl 16 before 14 minutes you can solo the boss as AA Zeratul.