PLEASE explain this placement Blizzard, it's unacceptable


It ultimately boils down to lack of players in the matchmaking pool. You get skills that varies wildly teamed together. Unbalanced games are never fun, win or lose. And even if you work your butt off grinding to diamond, thinking you escaped the shthole league? Now that HL and TL is merged, you get GM gangs of 3 or 4 absolutely dominating dia/masters games. Even worse. New season comes, rinse and repeat. Don’t waste your time on this pointless game.


I totally understand your point, but after hours and hours watching HGC/twitch/youtube, still you didn’t realize that THIS is actually the game?

everybody wants 100% quality games “because I have no time to spend on this game”

  • I think that if you want a Lamborghini you need to work hard for a long time, or you have a friend that carries your smurf over ranks… ops… gives you a lot of money to buy it :slight_smile: so either you know someone that can carry you, or you need time to climb/fall to your rank;

nobody wants to be in bronze silver gold platinum diamond “because I know I’m better than average”

  • then show it, you can always talk about what you want, if you don’t put your words into facts, words have 0 value and mostly are a waste of time (meaning no offense)

constant checking of what your teammates are doing without checking what you are doing

  • everybody makes mistakes, most of the times is like the blaming player is in his perfect game Rich mode on and everybody else is making mistakes; but the only thing you can do is not judging others during the game, cause you can’t play for others. Just stick to your job, sometimes you will be lucky with your decisions, sometimes you won’t and you can’t do anything, sometimes you will make mistakes and maybe you can learn

use of the chat to teach ppl what to do

  • like, do you really want to teach someone who probably you think he knows few things about the game, in the middle of the game itself? What if a football coach starts to explay the game to his players, in the middle of a football game, can you imagine the ending? But you will always find someone who uses the chat to tell you how to play… like, what’s the purpose? And do you really think writing in chat will help achieving the purpose?

Those points stands from the beginning and I started to think that those “features” are part of the game itself (like when you play Dark Souls, you know that you will die, it’s a part of the game).

I think nobody will feel too much pain if you realize you don’t have fun anymore with this game, like when I realized that I had no fun anymore playing Supermario 1. If you like OW, then play OW :slight_smile:

I mean, Cris was GM#1, Storm League placements put him in plat, what rank is he now? Of course he complained, but he also played and had shtty games too playing with plat and diamonds…


That’s great and all and I’ve never complained about my rank. I didn’t complain that I dropped 2 ranks when I went 7-3 because I know I’ll climb, that’s not a problem at all.

My question, that I wanted explaining, was how a person who was bronze 4/5 and 4/4 as their HIGHEST ranks last 2 seasons and who has never in their career been above Bronze, plays his FIRST placement game in mid-gold. That was my complaint/question. Since placement I’ve lost ranks and I’ve gained them back and am now higher than I was after placement, that’s not something I worry about. My smurf acc was 8 ranks higher than my main and I’ll have my main there soon enough too. But when you put people who don’t deserve to be at a rank, you are not only ruining the game for them since they are getting completely wrecked but also for the people on their team who get guaranteed losses not to mention the people on the other side who want fun games but end up stomping this ‘noob thrower’ and just feel sorry for the 4 guys who played their heart out on the enemy team. At least I do, I know some ppl love free wins like that, I don’t. I just want a good fair game where both teams play hard and well, if we win/lose a game like that is much less important for me.

‘If you like OW, play OW’… I do, but I like hots more. But that can’t seriously be your answer to legitimate criticism of the game, ‘well then don’t play it’ lol. The point of the forum is to voice your opinions so that blizzard can take them into account and make the game better. Just telling people to, ‘if you don’t like it, leave’ isn’t helpful in any way.


Idk, but I noticed it’s called “preseason” so maybe the seeding mechanic is heavier this time. Do you know how seeding mechanic works, right? (second time)

Or maybe there is a problem… as there was a problem all the time a new season starts…
Did I say not to write on the forum? I haven’t. I’m just questioning, are all those words spent on this tread worth of the time for this topic? I really don’t know.

I never said the words you put in my mouth (“if you don’t like it, leave”… that’s rude, I never said that), but I strongly think that you like the idea you have of this game, and strive to get it. But nontheless the real game is different from the idea we have, for the points I already discussed.
For instance, I have the idea that a MMR and ranks full reset is a way to fix many problems. All problems? I said many. That’s my idea, and I respect the fact that many people don’t agree with me. Maybe they already performed a full reset and now bronzes play with diamond, because this is the price you pay if there is afull reset. In the short term, it’s a mess (not different from now) but don’t you agree that in the long term things will fix and the ladder will be better than now? I really hope so.

Now, I’m just saying “take it easy man, don’t ruin your liver for nothing, if you find OW more enjoyable than hots like you said, why you just don’t chill out with it for some time”. I respect the fact that you want to write pages and pages (like I do) to improve the game, and for the same reason you write on the forum, I write you not to be so serious on those kind of problems :slight_smile: because when you say “when you put people who don’t deserve to be at a rank”, if you talk about gold into high master (it happened man… it happened…) we can talk about it, but bronze first placement game in gold… well… it’s only 1 game and you know, from bronze to mid diamond, it’s all a big family - and I should repost.

As I said, I’m really sorry for your bronze companion playing his first storm league in gold, but Cris (GM#1) has been put in plat after all placements, so… maybe we can reconsider the relevance of the problem?
Otherwise, this could be seen as the nth rant topic, and the forum doesn’t really need that.


Thinking that Blizzard will listen to feedback in 2019