PLEASE explain this placement Blizzard, it's unacceptable


So I’m playing in mid gold and all the people on my team are solo queued. All are ranked between gold 4-2 except one guy who is doing placements.

He has 0 games played this season, last season he is bronze 4 and bronze 5, the season before he is bronze 4 and bronze 4.

HOW does he get placed with us!? Honestly, I need an explanation? He goes varian when they have 2 blinds, then he goes twin blades after taking the Q quest on level 1… He has NO idea what he’s doing and he hasn’t been above bronze 4 in the last YEAR yet his first placement is withgold 3!?

I almost never complain about this game, but that is straight up ludicrous and I can’t for the life of me understand how you would do this blizzard.

I’ve been cool about so much but this is just idiotic. I’ve seen so many people who have never been above low silver all of a sudden playing in mid gold and they are completely useless. It’s a lottery with teammates even more than it used to be. More of this and I seriously will stop playing this game that I love… lucky for you, that means I go to Overwatch so no big loss i guess…


Yeah similar to me… I worked my way up to Gold 1, did placements with mostly high gold and plats and went 7-3, landed in Gold 3. I was ok with that.
Then my friend who has been consistently dropping and ended last season on Bronze 1, hasn’t been above silver 3 in over a year, he goes 9-1 vs mostly bronze/silvers and lands in Gold 3. I mean, last 2 seasons he’s played around 500 games and not one above silver 3.

Just demoralizing honestly. I got placed in S3 when I started TL and worked my way up to G1, lately I play a lot with a group that is in high plat and they don’t mind because they consider me to be equal to them and now I’m playing with people who have never been above Bronze 4?
The worst part is that I made a smurf account way back and that acc is in high platinum and has been to plat 1 as highest but I like this main account as I have all the heroes and it’s the one I’ve got every Blizzard game for the last 10+ years on.


This season I landed on plat 1 coming from master having 6/4 w/l.
But the thing that really, really, really anoyed me was the fact of one guy on his last placement match having 3/7 w/l landed on… Dimond 5 when last season he was gold 3 on HL/gold 5 on TL.


Wow man, I’m really sorry to hear that. It’s crazy that this is what’s happening. I don’t really get it because it’s almost like they are making so many ppl from high ranks drop so they’ll lose the will to play while at the same time pulling up a bunch of low ppl so that the people in the middle will lose the will to play as well.
I guess the only way to play now is to get a 5 stack that you trust and play because otherwise you can get literally anything. It’s just really sad to see because I absolutely love the gameplay of hots more than any other MOBA… I don’t understand why/how they were somehow able to make the MMR problem(which is the biggest problem with hots to date) even worse somehow… Amazes me to be honest, almost like they’re trying to drive players out on purpose.


Its PreSeasson,if they dont belong in that Rank they will be moved where belong.Guess everyone should have chance,for someone who play good it`s not a big deal to climb,also opposite.
So with bad winrate they will be returned back,possitive winrate guess going higher when new seasson start.


The game is a joke, it has been for ages and it will never improve. They don’t play their own games. Why do you think they are such a big pile of garbage. They became greedy and became like EA


Plat 5 and gold 1 are just one subleague, 6 wins to climb. No idea why you are complaining.


but climbing can be a pain


If you cant climb one league then you never deserved that league to begin with


No one said they can’t climb, but climbing can be frustrating when you’ve already done it before and now you don’t just have to do it again but you have to do it with a bunch of people who’ve been silver/bronze 2 weeks ago. You can play cool guy as much as you want but I’ve seen GM streamers lose games in silver/gold because their team has someone go afk/DC or feed constanty, go in 1v5 at level 22 etc etc. At the end of the day, there are some situations where even when you play amazingly, you don’t win because one or two teammates. It gets even worse when you’re a skilled player who knows , ‘lets not take a fight at level 19.8 vs 20, lets soak instead so we have 20 v 20’ but then your team not only goes in and dies 2v5, they also flame and report you for non participation. This happens a lot and especially in lower ranks where ppl don’t know the basic theory nor have the ability to look at minimap etc.
My friend screenshotted from yesterday when a guy in his team was screaming at him for not joining the teamfight… while he was dead lol… the guy literally couldn’t even look up and see ‘this hero is dead and respawns in X seconds’, in gold. Upon checking profile the guy had been low silver his whole career, now magically gold.


And again, a player from Bronze/Silver playing first placement game, in mid gold. He died 14 times, no joke, I took a screenshot and had half my hero damage, 1/3 of my siege, 1/3 of my xp… I died 1 time.
Great job blizzard, thanks so much. I’m honestly disgusted.


So both you main account and the new one are at the same rank. It seems Blizz didn’t screw your rank.


Not sure for him but for me I had my smurf easy climb to plat1, but since I have every blizzard game(+expansions) dropped in the last 15 years on my main account, not to mention all heroes, all skins/mounts I want, I would prefer to play on that account.
Already had to work my way up from S3->G1 and now I get dropped 2 ranks when I go 7-3 vs high golds and plats while people from Bronze climb to the same rank as me over the course of 10 games. It’s just strange.


agreed. i’ve seen GM streamers lose games in silver/gold because team just went on feeding or going 1v5 at level 22… there’s just not much you can do 3v5, even if you are GM. because they understand the macro much better and make better decisions but they can’t dodge every spell and auto attack and they will die regardless.
people who talk like that are usually trying to be cool, oftentimes not very good themselves and are the guy on the team that ppl hate because they drag the team down. every streamer i’ve seen in top level master/gm agrees that it’s very hard to carry in hots, regardless of rank. some maps are easier, some heroes are easier etc, but it’s not a game where if you are god level, you can 1v5, it’s just not part of the mechanics.


I was never above plat 3 just because I played ranked only for its seasonal reward. But even not being a master I had never a problem with going through silver/plat.
I think, if such a big guy as a master can’t get out of silver/gold then he/she should do what he did to get master previous time - buy an account.


I think you misunderstood =)
Even GM streamers lose games, that doesn’t mean they can’t climb :smiley: They will win 90-95% of games.


Show me account with 95 percent winrate pls…

Let them be in Bronze 5,Im sure they cant climb to Silver 5 for two or more seassons.


I think you can check youtube :slight_smile: I remember I was watching one guy who was GM on his main and he played from like Bronze 3 using only healers(mainly rehgar and khara if i remember correctly) and was basically like 1 loss every 20-25 games. He wasn’t even a healer main. I watched him go from Bronze to like Plat in a week or something, so yes it does happen. But if you’re a e.g. plat player, carrying out of bronze is a lot harder.


Putting aside the HUGE difference between bronze, silver, gold, platinum and low-to-mid diamond (sarcasm off - yeah, more or less it’s only a very big family)… all quality games… trust me, I have accounts in diamond and accounts in silver, it’s all the same quality games with smart people knowing exactly what YOU should do but not knowing what they have to do… and nobody understands that you can’t explain a game while playing it… but nonetheless the chat becomes like an instagram or twitter chat, everybody forgetting this is a GAME not a discussion table…

But ok, let’s put this aside and go back to the topic…

Maybe it’s a matter of seeding. Do you know MMR seeding mechanic from QM/UR to ranked play, and seasonal soft-reset? They are still working, are they?

And also, even if he got placed in a rank he doesn’t deserve… keep playing… he will be demoted… you won’t, so the problem will fix itself…


You’re right, the players generally end up going towards the rank they deserve. The problem I have is how many games I need to play with ppl who don’t deserve the rank they are at.
I’m a medical student and a researcher for ca 12-14h/day, then I go to the gym and I got stuff to do in my life. I have IF I’M LUCKY 1-2 hours I can spend on hots in a day, I don’t enjoy having that time thrown out the window and getting me tilted because someone who clearly should be in bronze is feeding for 25 mins and then calling me names and ultimately reporting me.
I got reported yesterday because I said, ‘we should ignore this obj, they have 10, we can macro instead and get 10 and take an even fight’, whole team listened except one who went in 1v5 and died, then screamed for a bit and when I said, ‘relax man, we got 2 forts and they got 1 with obj’ he reported me. When I checked his rank, what do you know, never been above silver 4 in his life.
I worked my way through so many games like this over such a long period and now after going 7-3 in placements with 90% plat players, I get demoted 2 ranks while my friend who dropped down to B1 over the course of 300 games last season, came up to same rank as me after placements with almost exclusively bronze and silver players. How is that fun? How am I supposed to feel like the game is rewarding me for playing well? All the hundreds of hours I’ve spent watching HGC/twitch/youtube to learn tactics and stuff vs my friend who has literally never seen anything pro and knows next to nothing. Sure, he’s dropped a rank already and will continue, just like last season, but now I’m stuck playing with those players for another few months until they’re back where they belong. And what happens next season, same thing? How can I trust this system when they do this?
It’s just infuriating because it takes away all the fun from the game and that’s why all of a sudden I’m playing OW more than hots even though I like hots way more… funniest thing is if you ask me, I’m much better at hots than OW but there I’m diamond :stuck_out_tongue: