QM is just not playable at all


Quick match for the longest time has become unplayable. And because “Shame to name” rules i can’t really bring up specifics but heres the jist of problems and who to blame.

The 2019 patch that was attempting to change the direction of the game and become more lane focused made a drastic impact how the game is currently played. This change created optimal play to be 3soaking lanes almost at all times.

YOU CANNOT leave a lane empty with out slowly losing the game(this is somewhat true at all times, because of the snowballing effect but gets less important towards lvl13/16), You mostly don’t min max the siege damage of camps but do them for exp on cooldown.
NONE OF THIS is common knowledge.
People REFUSE to move to the open lane and instead sit in mid and try to skirmish, and im talking about people with account level 500+ .

IF u tell them “hey you should move here” <— this is being toxic in their eyes and the only response you get is an ignore or a short message “report”

This is a personal experience, i went as garrosh to soak the empty lane, and later got flamed for not having a “allot of damage tanked” being stuck with no wave clear to soak. probably reported aswell . not to mention that its ridiculous to criticize a tank for hes tanked damage(maybe if hes intentionally throwing then it might serve as evidence for that but not the performance itself).

so whos at fault for this atrocious mess? is it the community that refuses to learn the proper way to play? is it the matchmaking algorithm ? who knows… oh wait i got a good one…
How bout the responsibility of this entire mess is 420.69% Lizzards fault.

You made a game that was advertised as “4FUN” we fight allot, and then made changes that move away from it(OMEGALUL).
You made a game that the optimal way to play is completely un-intuitive THEN proceed to not educate the playerbase how the game is played leading to insanely bottom of the barrel game quality.

Can you guys please HELP ME understand why am i not getting paid to play qm?
why are these problems not addressed for sooooooooooooooo long…
How can you have a good quality or enjoyable or even somewhat engaging games. how can u not be toxic when my success is tied to other people performing well(shared exp encourages people to not fix their mistakes because the consequences are just spread out evenly across 5 people, so personally it doesn’t affect you as hard)
can we please get some fixes on this. make a video saying “guys soak xp in 3 lanes, and probably shouldn’t send bad solo laners to those lanes” or a video saying “you know what would be funny? if you actullay spent time and learnt the game, thats dead and 4fun” do anything please fix any fix PLEASE give a me a reason not to uninstall right now.


I give you one word which is a good reason:


And then I give you more:

Ranked is so much better and people have more of an idea about what to do and how to play

You will be a lot happier if you disabled Team Chat and ignored people

Just play the way you wanna play and have fun with that

If you try to change the way most bad people who play this game act

Then they will drag you down along with them

It is a trap!

Do not fall for that!

The option to disable Team Chat and allow only friends to message you in Social Tab in Settings exists for a reason in this game

You play this game for your enjoyment

If your team is bad and they lose the game it’s their problem and not yours

You tried but there is a limit to what you can do when people just won’t listen

Ask yourself why you’ve played this game for as long as you have

You play it to have fun

Because it’s fun for you

Never forget that


the hero i needed, but not the hero i deserve. you are 100% right. however the real question is, how long will ur post fuel me? i bet its gonna work for today, by tomorrow ill be back to my old ways. back in the cycle trying to do “play 2 games as a tank” in qm. it is a trap, sometimes it just feels like im addicted to the trap.

ill try and change hopefully for the better. but if these 60y/o out of touch designers just make it so goddamn hard.


How about I be the hero who would also be your friend?

I could be your Hero of the Storm who shall save you from this Quick Match Madness

Together we could form a beautiful friendship and play together as a team

There will be ups and there will be downs

But what better way to feel better when you’re down other than when you have a true friend who would stay by you even on the worst of your days?

Someone who wouldn’t make you feel even worse when you’re having a bad day

And just so you know

We can do the event quest and finish it really fast together

I know a few techniques

Gonna send you a friend invite

We should chat a bit

There does not have to be an end to your motivation

I have played this game for a long time having fun along the way and would love friends to share it with


Dunno what to say. I always communicate at start of the match, for instance:

I’m Ragnaros, took stacking W quest at lvl 1, I’ll say to my team “I’ll brawl mid at start for stacks, then gonna cover X lane” since I know Ragnaros is good.

There are problems how ever, as we all know. You as Garrosh should never ever in any situation go soak a lane alone. That is not your role, that is not what Garrosh excels at.

So in your situation, what I do when playing a support or tank, I ping defend on lanes. Or directly say, X hero cover X lane I will come to support you from time to time.

But again if team is refusing to cooperate, just ignore it, hope it all ends well, if it doesn’t, who cares… its just another match.


i agree with

theres not much u can do, being angry is not solving the issue, its just raising ur blood pressure, wont do any good, only bad, n tht also to yourself,

I can vouch for this:

I met xylord here too,

even though we dnt play much together, he enjoys playing AI , n i hate tht for some reason lol,

but we join up for some QMs n even Ranked at times :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen people complaining about going out of mid to soak a lane in qm for a while, maybe its a regional problem? I’m EU btw


your lucky, im also in EU
I play Ming, and ming is not considered a gud wave clear, she can, but its not her job, shes NOT designed for it,

n heres the stats from Hotslog (of course not all games r uploaded, but still)

Overall Games
Average Hero Damage = 51,142
Average Siege Damage = 73,123

While in QMs average siege damage is about 76k, n in SL its 72k

I would have to go lane while my Guldlan or Sonya or Rexar or even Nazeebo is busy brawling in mid.

But this happens mostly if solo queue, im lucky to hav frends with who i play, so things r better then


blizzard understands that HOTS did not go as well as they planned, so they are expecting people from other mobas to come play the game and since HOTS is so different from league or dota, blizz has to change up the game so it would look appealing to them. Thats why they made laning so important and why they made single lane brawls on loop. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would add some damn gold and shop into the game


i agree, but still, basic reason why this is different from other mobas, is its a hardcore team game, you all level up together, if all 3 lanes r not being soaked, while ur enemy is doing tht, u all will fall behind,

mid brawl is meaningless, i think its better to go 1 + 3 + 1 in start, n dnt miss the first wave too, n tht first wave is almost ALWAYS missed in every game, at times 2 waves wasted on the bot n top lane


Mid Brawl is good for hard engage comps or for heroes with quests(Ktz,jaina,alarak…).


Play with bots they are now that stup$d thet even the dumbest players cant loose


when i re read my original post its quite hectic and all over the place.
but i mean the problems go as follow

The gates open an we are all brawling lvl 1 mid(some people try to quest early on enemy heros, very understandable.) after the brawl whether it was positive or negative, people should be going to their respective lanes.
^ this problem occurs because of couple of reasons. ^

  • They don’t realize that in their respective team composition, they are the ones who have to take on the role of soaking.
  • They don’t want to take on the responsibilities because of a quest build or w/e or just want to brawl
  • They dont understand the magnitude of what is at stake when you lose couple of waves.
  • this is subjective and more so a personal preference - MID CORE/mid rotation/3man call it how you like. The DPS role usually takes on the responsability of taking the camp solo or duo with the tank/healer(whos also apart of the midcore/3man) while the healer/tank proceeds to soak mid.(they don’t do that either.
    so they are essentially missplaying HARD even the first 3 minutes of the game, that then proceeds to snowball. by simply not understanding their role and how and where to move on the map at what times.
    Are plays like that getting punished?
    Yeah, sure. they punishment is smothered across 5 people, so when you continuously do this, the optics become “well i just didn’t have a good team” even doe you are 100% of the problem.
    However, this is not the players fault.
    This is blizzards fault.
    Like the idea of a solo laner has always been super fluent, so everyone is a solo laner and no one is at the same time. Due to the homogeneous hero designs, you tend to look for certain skills for a solo laner. sustain/wavelcear/dueling/saftey/siege or combinations of them etc. Which opens the game to “there is no meta” way of playing. However people then take that same freedom to act like “well i don’t have to go to the solo lane, you can go why dont you go?” attitude.

So if one team knows what to do in the 1st 3 minutes of the game, the game snowballs soooooo hard that its usually over in less then 14minutes. which is not a bad thing, i can get out of a bad game out quicker, the enjoyment of the game is very low in those cases.
The game gets decided before we even get to skirmishes or fighting over the objectives,the game is decided who can move to an empty lane stay in it to give hes team exp lead that then leads to easier team fights(and lanes) that then leads to a snowball that in qm nobody is equipped to deal with.
I could bash the community for being bad and put all of the problems on the players, but its simply unfair. Its the design thats un-intuitive that then is not properly communicated to the community, that has been changed several times so older players have a skewed understanding of how things should be COMBINED with 4fun attitude that just focuses on the experince not learning the proper ways and we all end up in this hole.

Blockquote But again if team is refusing to cooperate, just ignore it, hope it all ends well, if it doesn’t, who cares… its just another match.

i do agree with this . i shouldn’t come to forums and complain, its just very frustrating when you lose games and have bad experience in qm , not to mention when im showing the game to my friends, and they just call it a fiesta . hopefully either lizzard or the community steps up and fixes some of the issues.