QM random vs 5 ppl party

I just noticed that for last 2 days almost half of quick matches I played were against parties of 5 people. Since I’m mostly playing with random players all of them were lost.
Is it so hard to make matches between parties of a similar size?
Or may be Blizzard just pushing players to play most games against AI, where random players can win. Or what the company is actually trying to achieve with such matchmaking?

Most of the people playing in parties come together via the party finder. If you want a more balanced match, you can find some randoms and also have a good team comp.

Solos playing against premades is nothing new in gaming and you will encounter this problem in nearly every multiplayer game, including other MOBAs

blizard pushing ppl to not play their awf.u.ll games. They already destroyed all our games… Dont try to find logic from that imb.ecils