Quick Match = Cursed Hollow?


Blizzard, HotS players, I’ve got a question. Is this normal, that in Quick Matches is only 1 avalible map? Idk, but in last 7 games I played ONLY Cursed Hollow… It’s extremly annoying and I’ve no idea, what should I do with this. I want to play other maps, not only 1, like in LoL. That’s really not the reason, why I returned to HotS…


I wish I was so lucky. Constantly BhB, WhJ and Hanamura for me, not a single good map in last 11 games. If you have new account you have new player protection and you only play CH for a while.


I played HotS 3 years ago men, so I’m not sure I should have new account protection… But thx, u gave me a hope… :wink:


It’s not about how long you have your account but about how high level you are. Maps are unlocked based on your level. Also keep in mind that while you are low level, MM prefers to match you with other low level players so even if you technically unlock more maps, if you are matched with someone who only got Cursed Hollow unlocked, you’ll play on Cursed Hollow.


It is also statistically possible that you JUST got “unlucky”.


Maybe you just got a series of games with new players :wink: