Quick Match - the clue is in the name


Recently there has been a sad number of topics opened about Quick Match, from balance in QM at a champion level to whines for not having a tank /healer in the team.

I know some people are a bit slow when it comes to spotting the hints so I thought I will make it dead easy for those people to follow the logic here. The clue is in the name, it is literally a match that is organised quickly, hence Quick Match is the name of the mode. Its not a “Balanced Game” mode nor is it a “1 tank 1 healer” mode. It is a quick match and its working as intended, a mode where you can quickly play any champion and try a few basic combos with their abilities. After that you can pick him in a draft / ranked mode where the games are more balanced / organised.

Oh and another point, albeit also apparently not an obvious one. If you complain that you don’t have a healer in your games, perhaps you should pick a healer? Revolutionary idea I know, almost like no one is capable of realising it themselves.

So in summary, quick mode works well. I remember having 10+ minutes wait when I started, which almost made me quit the game because I couldn’t play anything. Very happy that its now a Quick Match, one of the reasons I am still playing.


But no one asked for quick match, we asked for quality match. I know some people are slow so I’ll just make it dead easy to see the difference here.


Ca be " quick" and " quality"…
If Bluzzaed start work cross server program US, EU and this my new versuone of QM

Search part in my topic about this new mode QM.
And i many times repeat this…" QM is like testing your surviveble skill".


they should embed both ideas of what a qm should be, I want to wait 2-3 mins for normal game, someone else doesn’t. Let us chose and bundle us together. The poor quality qm guys will occasionally be thrown into good quality qm guys but mostly would play the nonsense 5 specialist games…with that said, I’m so over the ladder climb that I just practice new heroes in TL and don’t care. Blizz matchmaking regarding skill is so bad that I dislike climbing from bronze back to gold while bombarded with bad players in my team that require me to play like a diamond to win. Thats why I play heroes im not good at in TL and learn new skills. I picked up D.Va this season and have like 80% winrate with her!


A mode like this exists, you may wish to select it to play quality games. No one with any intelligence expects quick match to have consistently high quality games.

As obvious as it sounds, the quality game mode is called ranked. You may need to get to higher ranks first but if you are a quality player then its easy.


You may need to get to higher ranks first

Quick Match