[R] Royal Gaming - LF 3 players for HL


~ Royal Gaming ~

We are a team from Croatia which is new created this year 2018. We are currently looking for serious competitive players who wants to improve in their ranks and aswell have fun while playing. Read requirements infos below down before submiting form in comment section.


  • Needs to be (18+) years old.
  • Minimum Silver rank or above.
  • Needs to have a working mic.
  • Be on Discord while playing HL with Team (English knowing pref).
  • We are playing for fun but also want to improve in ranking (serious competitive).
  • Needs to play 3 - 4 days of week (GMT +1 Timezone EU).

Submit a form in comments

Battle tag:
What roles do you play ?
Top 5 heroes:

Our Discord Server | discord.gg/8v9Scw



It looks like my regular teammates are giving up, so I’m looking for some new people to play HotS with :slight_smile:

Battle tag: crotach#2211
Roles: Anything really, but I have most success with spec, tank and healer, least with assassins.
Top 5 heroes: Azmodan, Anub'arak, Kael'thas, Deckard, Fenix
Depends which stats you look at, most played, highest win%, highest level etc.

Got a mic and I speak English. I’ll pop over tomorrow on discord to check if anyone’s around.


Plat, got mic, got Discord, I always got room to be better and I play nearly daily. I’m GMT +2 so it’s gonna be easy to sync with others.

Battletag: MrMango#21951
Roles: Range assassin, Specialist, Bruiser/Tank (healing is okayish too)
Top 5 (random order): Abathur, Greymane, Zarya, Artanis and nearly every main tank in the game.