Reinhardt! - HAHA I LIVE FOR THIS!

Imagine our good ol pal as a tank hero.
Abilities would be like in OW:
Charge:Pins and stuns if hits a wall. Similiar like Diablos but goes way longer.
The Heat Strike: Similiar like Imperius Solar Flame thing but it goes way faster and a bit further. Maybe slows or something.
Shield: Protects either all projectiles or all spells to some amount of dmg which raises with every level.
Ultimates: EarthShatter of course which would stun and deal damage in a zone like Deathwings Flame Roar
Second one would be the two hammer charge from the cinematic that
Balderich did when he soloed the Bastions. Which would damage and
push away heroes in the way and stun the ones at the end with him
clashing the two hammers together on them
Trait:Maybe even put the Shield as a trait but since i have no ideas for a trait or what to replace the shields as a ability lets put some kind of buff like the shield regens faster as lower his hp gets or something.