Remove 5v5 same heroes from ARAM

This is not a fun mode. This does not need to be in game. I dont want to have to waste 20 minutes of my time in unfun match. I will always alt + f4 when I see 5v5 mode coming as it is better to be afk for 10 minutes than waste 20 minutes in this mode. Nobody wants this, Blizzards developers are idiots for adding it to the game.

I will rather sit in AFK que than in 5v5 hero match. “Oh but it doesn’t happen that often”. I play 10-15 matches of ARAM in a day and it happens 3-5 times a day. It happening even once is too much.

EDIT2: SINCE THIS POSTING: I have had the “joy” of participating (read: pressing alt + f4) for 8 ARAM matches where it has been 5v5 with same heroes. Currently I am waiting for Lunara 5v5 match to end. 8 TIMES! THIS WAS POSTED 17 HOURS AGO.


I’ve said this a million times already and I’ll say it again- ARAM isn’t supposed to be a serious mode. ARAM was actually part of the old brawl game rotations which were full of gimmicks and meant entirely for fun and not to take it seriously.

Also, if Blizzard doesn’t even have time for simple balance changes, how do you expect them to update something very subjective (a lot of people really don’t mind having duplicate heroes in ARAM) in a secondary game mode?


A lot of people?
Most of the "people"in HotS are nowadays just AI/bots. I don’t believe that most of the players I am playing with are actual people.

The worst part is that this was put back recently no? I have never played same-hero ARAM in the past 2 years, and it keeps happening. Please remove this feature as every time I play this most people want to get this over with and now and then some players never play that hero and get very frustrated. To add to the frustration these games tend to be very long too


Same tactic here. There is no point in playing Mirror matches as they are not fun at all. I share the enjoyment of having ARAM match with random heroes, however with full mirror matches it is so tedious.

hardly ever get same hero matches, and they are a total highlight, you play aram far too seriously.
but i cannot blame you because all the other modes have lost their competitive edge at least a bad aram is over fast

4 out of 5 mirror matches end with leavers/afkers. It’s just a roulette and makes no sense since people can’t handle it. So, yeah, remove it please for the love of god. Because it’s super annoying to start a game 2 vs 5 every time.

YES ! Please remove the mirrormatches, they always start with 1 or 2 people leaving anyway. It was fun the first 2 games, then it got boring really quickly.

you dont see? developers done it because they want you to stop play this pathetic game and close servers

Most people leave when a mirrormatch starts, it’s ruining ARAM. Please remove this mode

had 2 matches this week 5vs5 of Genji and prob

talk about boring as hell…
think everyone in the game complained it was messed up borring.

a few characters do work and might be fun, but lets be honest most is a pain and not even remotly funny.

It is the funniest mode.
PUt it at 100%.

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Don’t remove it, just let us pick by vote which 5 players we play. :slight_smile:

what do you mean seriously? its not fun period. They could just make a checkbox that you want it to be included in your game rotations. Everytime you play it there is at least 2 leavers cause its not enjoyable, and this is concensus.

Yes, very funny; Putin 100%
Also make clown mode

its 5% chance… people crying about aram like its the only mode they can play.

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I don’t play it but I guess they think 1/20 to have a failed game is too much.
Fun both once and twice but thrice is too much.
Perhaps 1/100 is the lol?

This mode is going to make people leave this game forever. Please remove this feature its waste of time for 10 ppl. This mod is all about who will give up 1st and that kills the purpose of this game. Its not fun at all.

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They can’t remove it. Admitting a mistake is not something modern people often do, especially not a major game dev that has seen better days

I don’t want to play mirror matches. Please let me opt out of them. nuff said.