Remove Mephisto from aram

or bring back sgt Hammer. Change my mind

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To win vs hammer you have to have someone with a long range, like chromie, li-ming or perhaps kael’thas, though i’m not even sure how kael’thas is vs hammer, when hammer gets range. Atleast until kael can get ranged increase at level 20. But then it can be to late. I don’t play chromie enough to have an exact idea of the range. The thing with hammer is, you are pretty much required to have a certain heroes to counter.
On the other hand, you can with vs an mephisto. Often teams gets to pick similar types of heroes. Though i have had matches where my team didn’t get casters, but the oppoents had a few. But a similar hero to hammer would just be another ranged hero, that aren’t as devastating hero in aram as hammer.

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I agree, and considering they have already removed some for being too strong or interacted weirdly in ARAM. But there are a couple of others that should be picked out from ARAM aswell or drastically reduce the change of them to be drafted.
Like Tassador, Li-ming, Kael’thas and Azmodan. Because you know, if the enemy team have any or multiple of them, you just claps your hands and hope they are first-timers the that hero

casters are just OP in aram, or those just mentioned. But the game is just a joke. In ARAM you can see the ridicules amount of cc going on. They should really fire the developers. They are to incompentent and clueless about the game

There are a lot of problematic heroes and abilities in ARAM. The same issues that led them to banning Sgt.Hammer apply for Chromie and Li-Ming. Moreover Chromie has Slowing Sands which I believe, absolutely, deserves a ban in ARAM.

Mephisto, while powerful, he can be answered by punishing him when he teleports back to his original position. Any CC thrown at him on his arrival works great. Malf root, Nazeebo zombie wall, etc. He is strong yes, but in my mind it’s not ban worthy.

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I don’t think Chromie is ban worth either.

I didnt say ban Chromie, I said ban Slowing Sands. Just like they banned Lava Wave on Rag and he can only pick Sulfuras.

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My bad. Yeah that ulti can be op. Or just increase it’s mana cost pr. sec

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seems u havent played against good zuljins yet

I say to remove Mephisto himself would be too harsh but at least make lvl 4 globes not pickable in aram. lvl 13 (i believe) where it reduces his ult aswell

I completely agree with removing Mephisto from Aram, and also making it so that there is either one Zagara or five at once, because it is impossible to play against this cr*p in more than one copy. Literally having 100% wr with 2 Zag’s in team and 0% vs 2 Zag’s+.