Reporting players is useless

The reporting system is not working and I don’t think Blizz check any of our reports. They only focus on milking us with senseless additions to their games.

I have in-game pictures of people using the N-word 20 mins straight but there isn’t any ban notification. These are free games, make them suffer just by temporary bans, I’m not talking about a perma account ban. Or bring a system that some of their skins/cards/heroes will be removed randomly as a punishment. But no.

Punishing people may hinder your milking strategy but at least keep your dignity.

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I just wanted to post my bit since the source of issue and the results are kinda same.

How does your match-making even work in ARAM mode ? I report player(s) for AFK and Intentionally Dying and match with them in the next game again, 3 matches in a row. I am not even asking for a ban but just a block to avoid re-match again with them. They just stay AFK or move into the enemy alone and start dancing, waiting for dying repeatedly. In addition they already have chat bans. Could you please care to explain ? I play ‘games’ for entertainment and this experience everyday is nothing close, just pure frustration. You know what, I will just delete HotS and this is can not be a threat from me since I am a single player but it is a fact that your match-making is just USELESS and this is the only way I can save myself from this.