Reports out of control


Well it’s more of a echo chamber of the same people who are getting banned and repeating the same things across multiple threads because they’re annoyed. It’s a vocal minority that sounds like the majority because these forums aren’t popular at all.

Reminds me when VAC bans were a hot topic in source games and forums were flooded with VAC threads with people echo chambering and supporting against bans because they were also banned, claiming the systems were damaged, not them.

I guess if you can’t chat dirt in-game the forum is the next best thing. I would put money on the way most of these people talk in-game is awful.


Rabble Rabble Rabble?


Ever stopped to wonder why people (so many of them) feel the need to chat dirt? Or why players who’ve been playing since Alpha, streamers, even pro players, get banned while the trash players they play with get to be trash in yet another game?

No you haven’t. There’s 2 positions in the game: either you’re banned because the garbage players frustrated you all the way to the edge, or you are the garbage player. Very few people in between. Statistically you could be one of them, but I’m inclined to think you’re not.


That mentality is self defeating, so you’ll never really see any other way until you climb out of that.

“My toxicity is not my fault, it’s that players are playing terrible around me; it’s their fault”. I can’t even begin to describe how pathetic of a viewpoint this is. That statement in itself embodies the ignorance and arrogance of poor players.

And no, there aren’t two camps because toxicity =/= skilled, rather it’s overwhelmingly the opposite for the vast majority of players. You’re proof of this actually, since you’re rated at bronze for ranked. Most skilled players can overcome their rage and ignorance to improve upon themselves in games, which is why they’re skilled. Not all, and you’ll see some “rager” top players, but they are the extreme minority.


Report system its ez to abuse u dont need to be doing anything bad if the kid lose game he reports all that is hots right now .
Suggestion make 2 reports to use per day so they choose wisely who te report or when i report someone just remove him from my matchmaking.


well someone got silenced I bet lol


He was silenced multiple times on different account and even after he got unsilenced he continued this fight agains the $tupidity of reports in this game.
He’s my hero


I’ll fight till it’s fixed.

It’s not just “pff just toxic people whining.”

It’s normal players trying to talk, getting banned.
Getting frustrated.
Make throw-away smurf accounts with the purpose of trolling OR not caring.


Completely silent games, in which no one wants to see more than 1 ping, and no one wants to be told if they made a mistake, or what to do as a team, in a TEAM based game- … in fear of getting reported.

Causing absolutely ridiculous flip-flop games of Winning and Losing because no one is coordinating nor learning or improving. Just silence-and-hope. There is nothing ‘fun’ about that, especially when Blizz want to make HoTS a VERY Team-carry game, with 0 chance of solo-carrying unlike, say, LoL.


this is so true.

I have been reported for telling the truth , even in a very respectful and kind manner.

" The reason u have died 9 times and the rest of us have only died 1 time , is because u seem to be out of position a lot and taking risky positions. "

in no way shape or form did I mean anything wrong or hurtful by this, I was simply trying to help the other player and my team by identifying the problem, and by providing an effective solution.

but in this game u can get reported for being " TOXIC " for these very Logical , sound, and respectful comments even though your are 100% correct and in the right.

Because in this game being offended is greater then being right or effective.

this type of doctrine has profound negative consequences in the long term. it will keep players from communicating with each other simply out of fear of offending people un-intentionally.


Sadly, even if they are to fix the report system, suspended/banned players won’t return to the game after losing accounts. Chances are quite low that they’re gonna make a mass unban/nullify of banned/suspended people
That is, if they even care about these forums and the community apart from the pro scene


Once had a match with a player who kept pinging very unnecesarily, like pinging “retreat” while I was already running away from the enemy, or pinging “defend” while 3 of us were defending that lane already. After several such pings I said “thx captain obvious!” And he said he reported me. That was literally all I said that match.

I’ve also had matches where me and another player were pretty much yelling at eachother to shut up, we reported and muted eachother, and then we got matched again together in the next game.

Please just tweak matchmaking so you can’t get matched with a player you have muted/reported in the game before!

  1. Ping once
  2. Use magic words: please, sorry and thanks
  3. Never Surrender


Get reported for toxic behaviour


I had people asking others to report me, then eventually I get banned for basically nothing. Been banned 2 times like this,

I’m doing mercs, they go like “he is not in team fights report him pls”… ban … +I’m only doing quick matches

Just now i had a guy asking everyone to report a player cause he died 11 times in quick match, the guy is new, he doesn’t know how to play, but if 4 people report him on this game, 4 people on another game etc… he gets banned…

seriously broken system, really needs to be revised.


HOTS player base is the worst i’ve ever had the displeasure to play with.

I just pretend they are bots now, makes it more bearable to see them make bot level mistakes all game and blame it on literally everyone else.

Back when i played league, i though that was the most toxic community in existence, but holy hell HOTS community is literally 10 times worse.


Hmm, lets make a scientific experiment - group as 4 and keep on reporting 5th guy that gets to play with us :smiley:, and inform him about it in the end of the game so that he lets us know if he gets suspended.

Or even better - you can actually report people in general chat, table for reports in general chat is the same as in game lol. Not to mention you can throw a lot of reports to the same person without end. (in other mobas you submit few reasons of report and thats it)

I know its kinda silly, but I wonder how soon we (people who report) will get punished, because I believe it won’t happen at all.


In league of legends if you report too much eventually your reports become worthless. In heroes it doesn’t seem to work that way sadly. You can report all you want with no repercussions so it seems…


someone type stfu to me, I report them for abusive language there and then.
First of, the abrevation is for an abusive/toxic comment, and second, I don’t have to listen to any more of their comments then which very likely will be in the same vein.


First off: never played ranked on this account, so I can’t be “ranked as bronze”. You know what’s pathetic, and also embarrassing? Lying about people because you don’t like what they say.

Second of all: yes, toxicity is other people’s fault. It’s the morons’ fault. You pretending otherwise isn’t going to change the state of things. This game is dying, with a playerbase that is pathetically small, precisely because of this. “Toxic” people get punished, while trash players do not. A game that encourages disabled people who can’t play vs people who get annoyed by playing with said mentally challenged potatoes can only survive for so long.

I’m not going to stop telling people where they belong - not saying I’m a pro by any means, just that I’m not mentally challenged, which seems to be a rare thing in this game. It’s not hard, and you don’t have to be a genius, in order to be more of an asset to your team rather than a drawback. Very hard for dumb potatoes though. For what it’s worth, they shouldn’t be allowed on the internet at all, and I will continue to be honest with them and tell them how dumb they are whenever I encounter them. Because someone should - everyone should.

There is no “self defeating” here. Morons are everywhere on this planet, it’s just that in other games I don’t have to interact with them, or depend on them as much as here. I never said I wanted to become a grandmaster and it’s the dumbsters that prevent me from doing so, not at all. I am an average player, which is why I was ranked gold-plat (not “bronze”, despite whatever you were hallucinating there). That is where I belong. See, unlike the rtards, I actually happen to know my place.

Skilled players don’t, actually, “overcome the rage” - I know countless people, highly ranked, who got banned because they couldn’t deal with the large amount of morons and SJWs. Streamers and pro players got banned for the same reason. But here’s you, being super pro at this game and also not bothered by all the potatoes around. Weird, I’d say. Because stupdity has to bother you wherever you are, unless you’re stupd yourself. It’s the natural state of things.


I agree 100 pecent. If someone doesn’t like what you are saying or doing, they can block you. There is literally no point to the reporting system, other than to enable abuse from those who report.

Also, if you play a lot, you will be silenced. By a lot, I mean hours a day. The system seems to not take into account the time you play, and look at reports as a percentage of time. It just counts a number, I bet.

If you are like me, and you try to just help people kindly, make suggestions about what to do . . well you will get silenced because you tried to communicate in a game. Seriously, I’ll just say things like “let’s try to hold the close camp until right before the obj” and you’ll get stfu, ok daddy, or some other reactionary nonsenese.

How about making text chat opt in, like voice chat? This will keep all the eggshells safe, while enabling those who actuall want to try to communicate with their team.