Reports out of control


You actually can turn the chat off from the options. I sometimes do, because literally I can’t remember the last time anything useful was being written by anyone.


You can disable allied chat when the game loads in, just a click and you’re done.
Now PING away since people don’t understand what each ping means lol

My biggest problem in the game is that majority of peopl I get matched with don’t even look at minimap :stuck_out_tongue:


Literally the worst system.

So abusive, can just get friends to report anyone who DARES to say a single word.


Sounds very familiar to my observations as well in the game. How could it possible be that people experience the same thing in regards to the updated silence system, yet Blizzard keeps very quiet and hush hush about it? Where is the debate, where are the viewpoints from Blizzard? What do they think about the silence system November 2018? We may never find out.


Hey everyone,

I agree absolutely with “Calculated” for multiple reasons

  1. Multi pings is not spam --> if people had brain (i mean a working brain) they would not dive 1vs4 in 20th minute.

  2. What do you call abusive? I can say community is very soft, i guess the majority here (will not call names) never did hardcore raiding in Wow correct? In most hardcore guilds --> if you were ignoring leader few times he would replace you or even kick you out of the guild. Failing on purpose is even worst. If you did fail on purpose --> instant kick
    Wishing cancer = abusive chat
    Shut up and group up= just follow someone who does the job better than you

  3. Community must grow up, i guess you do not report everyone to the police if he tells you “shut up” in the road. In an argument in a train if someone tells you “f*** you” you will not report him to the police right? Also if you try to report him --> everyone will laugh at you.
    I guess in this forum if someone says “f*** you” (and moderator did not ban him) you will not go to interpol and report it.
    Life is hard, grow up community. Learn to make proper use of the system.

  4. You have something called “mute button” , just make use of it.
    I am playing wow from 2004 (vanilla edition) to 2014 and i started hots at 2015. I can tell you for sure, community was so much better back in time.

  5. To all people who report for nothing please stop using the following excuse “i am playing for fun so i will stay in lane or do camps etc”

  • You are playing to win, and secondly to have fun if game is fair and competitive (based on MM if you do not have premade)
  • It is human’s nature to have more fun when you win than lose
  • Even the last team in league (any league from football to basketball or any sport) never said “We played to have fun, we still have fun that we lost”.
  1. Blizzard must remove the reporting system, just enforce the mute button (except hide chat it should hide pings etc).
    Reporting system is a knife , you can use it to cut an apple or kill a human. Blizzard is “killing” the community with this reporting system

  2. It is not rocket science to not dive 1vs5, it is not rocket science to avoid chromie’s spell, it is not rocket science to pick counter heroes to enemy picks (ranked). Generally hots is easy game, i cannot wonder how same people would reach to dota game (which is very very difficult compared to hots)

  3. People here is not your mom and dad. I will keep telling you “Stop diving alone” and even tell you “shut up and group up” if you keep failing over and over. Grow up community , your teammate is not your mom or dad. For me it will be better if blizzard punish the “trash players” than the “toxic players”. Toxic = can be muted from my side, trash = are free to destroy every single game.

I absolutely agree with “Calculated” reporting system should change.

Community lacks perception (keep my words)


People like you (who REALLY play games) should actually be in heads of development team. But… we have what we have.


I’ll be honest once again and people hate this statement.
Removing silence and reporting for abusive chat will only cause anarchy.

If you think the game is silent now. The same will happen with no abusive chat reports. The game will lose interrest since everyone is just saying whatever.
Block lists will be full. People who do play have chat off since “Why bother if everyone can scream into my ears or say all kinds of toxic chat to me.”

We need consiquences for being bad in chat like silences to keep people in line from going too far in chat everytime. It is ment to keep some order in chat.


I still agree with the notion that the punishments for chat are waaaay too fast, waaaay too high and waaaay too impactfull for just words that can be anything from TRUELY APHAULING to “Just an angry ramble”

I think for one:
Permabans should only fall to the truely scummy ones. People who actually abuse chat to bully players and such. Not sarcasm and angry rambles.
I mean the ones who truely step over the boundries and try to ruin the game expirence for others by trying to get them to quit.

Otherwise the longest a silence may last is 2 weeks to a day ban TOPS depending on how heavy the chat abuse is. Just being abit foul mouthed doesn’t make one bad. Or not explaining things not nice enough should defintally never fall under a perma ban.
You will always start off with 1 day of silence on your 1st offense (cept if it’s truely disgusting then you go straight to permaban.)
Adter that 2nd offense can be a 1 day ban if you were too rough… or longer days of silence but never over 2 weeks of silence or a day ban.

Last but not least…IF a report is filed about the player It will show their chatlog from then to 30 minutes ago and how much it has been reported by players.

Just so that CS doesn’t have to go through the whole log to find non reported chats. Remember that each match lasts tops 30 minutes.

Also reports with no descriptions will get disregarded.
Also only your most recent report will count to that person. Even after 30 minutes you report again… your previous one will be disregarded.
Can only report a player ONCE for abusive. After that it’s your own fault for letting them talk again to you.

As for AFK reports… still not sure how to tackle these.
Non pariticipation is an easy one. Check how the rest of the team reacts to that player and how the non pariticpation one reacts to other players.

That said… split non pariticpation and afk from eachother.
AFK can be asked where as non pariticpation is more then just afking.



I remember back in times in Wow from 2004 - 2012 (i think it was the time blizzard started banning for abusive chat etc) we did not have a problem playing this game.
The only bans were for bots / hacking etc. It is a joke to ban people while community can mute them.
I am sure the majority of you when someone in the road tells you “f*** you” you do not report him to police. It is same thing , telling someone “shut up” is NOT a reason to ban.
I like the following quote

“Ban the trash , toxicity will be reduced”

I am not toxic because i got born with bad words in my mouth. I am toxic because people cannot move left or right and avoid 1 spell. I am toxic because people cannot just follow and proper click their spells.
I am toxic because people do not understand that it is team based game.
I am toxic because blizzard considers “shup ut and group up” as “toxic”.

Back in time i had ask a GM (do not remember name/forum topic etc).
Why am i toxic if i tell someone “f*** you noob” when he died 8 times in 16 minutes? (1 death per 2 minutes, without counting the respawn timer)

He never gave me a real answer…maybe he did not know what to say.


What’s worse is how many people are clearly against it considering it’s one of the highest discussed posts, almost all of which are AGREEING with OP.

Yet nothing is being done.

Meanwhile you’ll notice silly pointless things like “NeRf ThiS HeRo!” get little to no replies, because it’s not relevant, not true, and people don’t agree.


Just adapt and start to abuse raport system as well. Things will become so much unbearable that MAYBE someone at blizzard will stop avoid community.


They won’t do a $hit, as always. Abusing it will just make it worse. I was already suspended multiple times and banned, but never has i started doing the same that these trash ppl are doing


I just got an email yesterday about a warning for being reported for not participating during a game. Why now when the closest such case was like a month ago, I dont know, but anyway. What bothers me more is that I dont even know how to improve on that in such scenarios. At least I can assume that its about games with quitters or slow-painful-defeat scenarios(sometimes combined) that its just going to happen in 20-30 min and u know it. If letting the enemy win is not an option, then we might as well have some kind of surrender option that incurs no penalty (not sure if quiting the game for its duration helps).

Admittedly, I play hots less and less lately but my more frequent playing in the past never had such consequences so its a bit scary how. Did the report system get some revamp to red flag more people maybe? The warning also does not mention about having an expiry period. This just feels that sooner or later, we are all heading towards a ban if such warnings stay on our history,just to pile up.


Duuh, we are. Unless you are a static potato who plays stictly meta.
Hots player base became super brain dead.

I know there comes an argument: “Get your own team and no problem”, but…that’s pretty much a diagnosis as well that you are doomed to be reported if you are different from the mob.


I honestly think that punishing for fake reports will solve a lot of issues.

People are reporting just because they don’t like you or your playstyle.
Some report options are inadequate to the crime, abusive chat is self explanatory, so are the rest, but when you want to report an obvious troll, where do you do that ?

Also again, punish people that send reports for the sake of sending them.
Blocked List: people block players because they don’t want anything to do with them, yet when you add someone to blocked list you are bound to get matched with them at some point again, this is not how blocking a player works. Sometimes I encounter a player in my team that I blocked moments ago and that alone disturbs me already, I blocked this player for a reason, why do you force me to play with him/her again ?

Roles: I hope the roles update will solve a few things but I highly doubt it.

Ranked Rules: make those rules more strict instead of levvy them.
Go back to Beta/release rules:
Get at least 2 Mastery heroes and 10 lvl 10 heroes. if paying 100g for entry is not enough to motivate people as some believe.


To punish for fake reports they should get involved and inspect all of them and you know they are not going to do that.


They would have to do that only at the beginning, over time people will learn not to put fake reports at a whim and there won’t be a need for a lot of people to handle it.


Just FYI, played a game couple of days ago. Some teammate died out of f* nowhere, literally ran into the enemy team in min 27 and I didn’t even get the chance to understand what happened.

Typed “WTF?!”. Got reported for Abusive Chat.


How do you know you got reported for Abusive Chat, since players are not notified when they are reported? Did someone specifically say they were reported you for that reason?


People usually write in allied chat :Reported.


This is the problem that was here from day 1 and GMs keep relying and protecting the system instead of trying to be reasonable and objective. And that came from the management who mentioned such policy as a great benefit for the game in the interviews a while ago. So they totally failed in creating a community and now shut the game off. Well done!