Reward the leader board kids with gold


5 gold for each player on the leader board, and 10 for the MVP, + 5 more gold for every vote they get from other players . The point of this is to reward people for playing better and behaving well in the game, motivating them to play well and being polite, instead of reporting the ones that dont. You may say that this amount of gold is too little to make an impact, but i have faith. Also, if all of the other 9 players vote for a single player, reward that guy with a chest. This change dosent require a lot of work from you, but can have a positive impact on the game. You may also send a signal that you have not abandoned the game, even with this small changes.



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I have no problem with small rewards for playing well… but…
Considering how sometimes it’s easy to cheese the system I am not 100% on board yet… But other wise yea bring it on.

Though I am still rather in favor of a Kudos system.


That could lead to situations where peoples play champions with higher chances to be MvP or on Board.
Votes could lead to peoples being mean and not voting just to deny other players extra gold.
Best thing Blizzard can do is to provide 10-30% gold bonus for peoples who are rarely reported (unjustified reports doesn’t counts) and who rarely report peoples who don’t deserve it.
Also behaviour could be judged once per 4-12 months and if somebody played 100+ matches and wasnt polite that persone would get exclusive skins or discount coupons.


I think small gifts system is really cool