Sabotaging game: these kind of players must be banned form the game


Hello All,

Today, I joined a ranked game and someone pre-picked Varian, then someone else picked Varian before player named D3vAsT. Then, he picked Rehgar and he kept going to their base and keep dying for entire game. I am playing this game to enjoy. And, they are sabotaging the games and end up getting 2-3 matches suspension from the ranked games. Blizzard should assign someone to check this kind of players and ban them from the games (temporary or permanent). But something must be done!

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What do you think about this issue?


you should report them for intention dying, or any other option tht fits this issue, n then just hope u dnt get a crazy guy like this

Also, having frends to play, n going in a 5man party = 99% problems solved AUTOMATICALLY

thts wht i do mostly, i always go in ranked with frends,

wht rank r u?
n wht time do u play ranked?

im in bronze, n i play mostly between 4pm CET to 8 or 10pm CET


Nothing is done with our reports, but I bet you’ll have to censor the offender’s name to protect him.


whether it helps or not, it surely satisfy u tht u did ALL tht was in your power :slight_smile:


I gotta say that lately i’ve been playing more HoTs than usual, and this type of behavior is VERY normal. At least 1/4 of the games this happens (And do pay attention, i’m currently at Gold 2, not Bronze level).

This game already has a small % of the past players, and i can asure you that if Blizzard doesn’t start acting against this type of players they are going to continue losing more than expected.


It used to be 30 trolls per month, now it’s 90, and it’s not like I’m playing more - basically each and every game now has someone who will endlessly feed to 15-25 deaths, afk at base (while typing furiously) occassionally running to hit a minion when the afk warning appears, or someone telling you to “go kys, f----g n—b i—s г-----й т–х!!!1”, mostly all 3 at some point of the game.


I only see one of those like every 20th match


Honestly, i see no trolls at all, verrrry rarely,
like reckeris said , every 20th match, may b same here

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