Separate region for Russia

Matchmaking has been going crazy for a long time due to the lack of players, and you still want to cut someone? Maybe then its easier to just change the game? Well, and most importantly, there are no bad nations, there are individual bad people in it. Stop being nazis and racists towards anyone.

Actually the idea is to remove nazis from this region.
That’s why I think would be better to stay without russianz here.

lol. got what you deserved

Remove all Ukrainians from the servers.

Remove all Ukrainians from the servers.

I guess you missed the beginning of the thread…

For opposing great ruski attacking their nation.
i’ve been a lot: “ruski go home” lately, so it would be cool if they did. I got a few ruski friends, it’s np, but i think they can go home anyway.

Guys, this is called “nazism” what you propose here. And seems like you, nazis, are winning here. I’ve got my nickname “TheRussian” just changed forcibly without any valid reason. Are you sure you want to move this way?

You literally have no idea what “nazism” is. The sad thing is that everyone in Russia is taking the same path as the actual nazis… it was an order, it was the politics, etc. No responsibility taken for killing children and elderly.
I am Romanian and we paid with blood to get rid of a dictator and Russian domination. And we were 23 million people not 144 million. It’s either you are the vast majority against killing innocent people and we rise up against the ones that are doing that or the vast majority of the people are ok with killing innocent people and then you have nothing to complain about.
As for banning Russians from the servers, besides the countless moral reasons, the major practical reasons are that the vast majority are playing with a high ping and can’t communicate with others in the team if they are not speaking Russian.

Dumb thread, usually these posts are made by people butthurt they lost to someone with a Russian looking name

I want everyone to feel welcome to the game, and happy to play it in peace. And I like symbols, generally, so I’m always happy to read cyrrilic ones. And I figure many Russians tense up, not knowing how welcome they are. That makes for worse games.
However, I wish for peace. Russia’s invasion is unacceptable and Russians will be held accountable for this for a century. We was trading but Russia already had a bit of a bad rep, but kinda working on it. Then Putin kinda was the guy for an extended period, suddenly. k. And then now, present, an invasion with various reasons as explanation.
As a citizen you are also a representative of your nation.
At some point it will be seen as traitorous trading anything with an aggressor as the war rages on. Which includes Heroes of the Storm.
That innocent people that has nothing to do or no real opinion on the conflict suffer from it isn’t the fault of those who deny privilege like games but rather their rulers. At some point the Russian people has to look to its nation’s actions and recognise that they’re part of that national movement and therefore always partially responsible for it. Then some things can’t be helped. A militia can never beat an army. So it’s understandable the Russian people doesn’t just rise up and end a war costly on life and relations.
As this continues, expect the general opinion on Russians to keep degrading.