Separate region for Russia

Why there is no a separate region for Russia in the game?
Not so many people enjoy playing with rude and aggressive russians, that do not understand what people are talking to them and just call “russophobe” everyone around.


Why do they even give russia still the possibility to play on your servers? Shouldn´t there be like sanctions or something? I really don´t want to play together with people who support a brutal war against their neighbours.


I totally agree with this! They should be banished the hell away from playing with EU people. I had to change my region to America to play without them. It would be better, of course, if they get banned from the servers completely, but Blizzard wants money (whatever), so just separate them the hell away from us.

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To earn money, of course. There must be sanctions, but hey, did you forget what kind of company Blizz is lol? I think it’s, sadly, impossible for them to remove ruski trash from our beloved games, but at least they could banish them away so we don’t see them. Like in WoW where they have their separate dumpster server.

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Dota 2 has a separate russian region but you still see them in almost every EU match. I doubt HOTS would be any different

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So cute… After pointing in the game chat that russians should play separately I got banned for 7 days…

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Now let me tell you how I see it from my pov. I am so happy to see tons of russophobic messages when I forget to switch my keyboard language and accidently type something on Russian. Sometimes after this people just completely stop to play or something like this. What a wonderful polite and calm European attitude! I feel like we play different game because 90% of toxicity ingame is always written on English (no way they are Russians because you all believe we don’t understand English, right?)).
Also what is this? Greedy Blizzard don’t ban russians because they want money. Money from dead game, yes sure! Do you even hear how aggressive and chauvinistic you sound, hello??? Let’s make separate server so game will be even deader. Did you know that big amount of ml and gml are ru speakers? Let’s make so masters will never find a lobby! Playing with the same people is so much fun.
I don’t say that Russians are never toxic but same goes to you. We all are people.


I’m writing about people that have nicknames and write in chat in russian.
It would be perfect if we just never see their names and messages.
Almost on any my comment in russian usually I’m getting something like “racist”, “fascist” or “rusophobe”.
About making the game more dead - let’s place victims of war and their torturers in the same team and see how this will revive the game, right?
If you consider them human please visit Ukraine…


Maybe the thing is that you are in fact a russophobic or just completely clueless. Because you have no idea what you are talking about. Then let’s ban all these Chinese newcomers, let’s ban everyone with non-eng nickname, right?
I play with my Ukrainian friends. There is gml team that consists from ru and ua. And? I will open a big secret for you: not a single sain person in Russia wants to kill and do war things. That’s not how it works. You have no idea why people support this. Why should I get banned from computer game for politicians doing thier politics?

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A minute of russian propaganda is off…
Dude, you are talking sh*t about mixed parties of people from Ukraine and russia after February 2022. Your message is flagged.

Bro take meds. What are you even talking about?? ICANT

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Why am I getting in a team with people tat I blocked communication with?

It could be strage, but very commonly people with russian nicknames are banned from communication. It is probably not without any reason.

You’ll understand yourself why they are banned if you’ll try to communicate with them.

Feels like a racism in final stage. Many toxic people are not russians…

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Are we still talking about chatting in the game?
I guess racism in final stage is more close to when one nationality is trying for many years to demolish another with their country.
As I already wrote the main reason is that russianz just mostly unable to communicate as normal people. Most don’t know any European language, also they mostly switched to learning Chinese language. So unclear why the are still in the European region.

Honestly, I want rid of them too.

There’s an argument that a halt on entertainment would disgruntle the people so much that it would stop the war as well. It’s easy to pretend ignorance as long as everything is served.

It’s also how Russians come around and talk nonchalantly about it, it infuriates me.
But I know that support for the war on Ukraine has weak support from the people.
It’s still not enough for me.

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Agree! I am tired of playing an losing games because of their play culture and style.

The game is almost dead, and you are talking about splitting servers.

Without splitting the game will die even faster since many people just do not play with russianz