Setup in party with random players

What is wrong with match making last time?
A lot games in QM and against AI are without healers at all.
But some games are held with more than 1 healer.
In this case games are turning to mostly standing and waiting for respawn.

I guess the game is just completely broken or there are not enough players.
Today stared to happen games with setup more assasins in one team while another is getting more tanks and bruisers, so the first ones easily win.
Is there any way to get more fair games?

what you mean? this game is all time. not only “last time”

until blizard employe only apes there is no chance for better chages

Apes indeed, don’t bother with it that much. You alone or any of us can’t change the current state of this game.

This game was better than others moba. workers destroyed it. Ppl who works in this pathetic studi works like riot pay them to sabotage work

you talk like if you can change it somehow… tell how you want to do it?

this forum is same dead like dead is game. Admins works like they want close game. Ranking matches platinum are less chance to get tank and healer than aram or qm. Writing suggestions here are only a waste time. same waste time like play this game (if I can call “this” thing a game ?).

You can have fun here trolling paal, while everyone else keeps enjoying the game. While you probably are right that writing suggestions here is totally pointless, the reality is that even with all of the problems that HOTS has, a lot of people will continue playing it until blizzard pulls the plug (which I imagine isn’t coming any time soon). So you can continue spilling nonsense in this forum like a 5 year old, or you can go play another game if you really don’t like HOTS- no one is holding you hostage

I’ve been playing for 8 years, on/off. Now in 2024 I am coming back to the game harder then before xD I still like it and can’t wait to find some time from job/family to play QMs.
Ya it happens a lot, double tank team vs no tank team, no heal teams, but who cares. I know I don’t.
And I am a gamer, as one I can tell you this game is one of the TOP, there is a flood of games, I own hundreds but HOTS is one of those I look forward to play everytime.