Shadowlands Scourge themed hero skins

With Shadowlands expansion coming to an end, I think some of the following hero skins would really add a spark to Heroes of The Storm’s next fantasy theme:
Val’kyr Auriel, San’layn Kael’Thas, Frost wyrm/Sindragosa/Sapphiron Deathwing, Vargul Leoric, Wraith Malthael, Wight/Thaddius Cho’Gall, Gargoyle Brightwing, Blood-Queen Kerrigan, Banshee Sylvanas (or at least a banshee special hero mount), Bone Wraith Mephisto, Skeleton Xul, Necromacer with ghoul/geist Rexxar, Death Knight/Darion Mograine Varian, Undead gnoll Hogger, Undead troll Zul’jin, Geist Murky.

A nice idea and all. Any new skins would be a good thing. Sadly they won’t be adding anything new to the game. The game entered maintenance mode a few months back. It’s why you can unlock all the skins for every hero now, rather than seeing certain skins during seasonal events only. The only thing the devs will be doing is keeping the game running and small balance patches when needed. Nothing new will be added anymore.

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