So the queues are 15seconds but setups unplayable


Thats really all there is to say. Pick a warrior and its 3 warriors, specialist yelds a no damage no teamfight capable 3+ specialist team.
Picking a healer gets you double support no damage potential team.
YET, the other team has a solid regular setup.

This is a colossal f.cking problem you do not get a game where you can practice new heroes or try something new or just casually play something because depending on which side youre on the match is so impossibly unfair its over fast with no competition on objectives,teamfights or the match at all.

This is a problem in every single match and you can see the winner right away. Setup is unplayable for one team every single time and no ammount of “try” is going to change anything.

I cant remember more than 2 games that were even and hard fought into victory like youd expect in a moba its just automatic loss into automatic win.

Some people recommended the longer queue choice tab you could click. The game would then look for a playable setup including support, warrior, proper character matchups with the downside of longer queue. Something like this shouldnt be impossible to implement and would improve things a lot.
The almost instant queue in favor of worthless 20minutes lacking fun just doesnt cut it. 8min queue for a 25+min game that feels good is always the better choice.


I find unranked game in 30 seconds to 1-2 mins…I’m really doing my best not to get salty with you guys, but are u sure u got enough brain to understand its QM mode and it looks like this even in damn League of Legeds - it is a yolo brawl mode, its meant for learning a champ in insignificant skirmish or serving penalty for dc’s. Its the same as if complaining about Brawl mode itself.

Most important, QM is abused by premades who get solid party without possibility to counter em or block important champs. If they implement group search by “role”, you will still get those premades + super long queues = playing unrank is simply more beneficial from any perspective there is :confused: