So... what's the diagnosis?


Is it a dead game?

Well… first off, I can’t argue with that. And neither will I ever argue with any critique of Blizz, because we all saw where it’s been going in the last three to four months.

But something bizarre started happening to me, lately. I started playing almost entirely in Unranked mode. I notice it’s much more quick to get matched. I also tend to get new players on my team and new players on the enemy team, and both teams end up committing mistakes. I also speak more with my team, as well… and - I know it sounds unbelievable, but they listen.

A very cautious thought has emerged on the back of my head that is suggesting that perhaps now people might actually sit down and have fun with this game?

What are your thoughts about that?


New accounts often are smurfs that people use to get around blizzards absolutelly horrible mmr system and its almost lockout like behavior.
As for matchmaking with very few people its just gonna toss in absolutelly whatever and skill ranges will be newbie to average to pro in the same team.


Most forum posts aren’t about the game… It’s about the player… If the players aren’t fun to play with, you blame the game and post something like… “The game is dead” bla bla bla… I’ve seen players intentionally feeding players not playing but not afking either, players spending more time flaming mistakes on others than focusing on his own… And all these traits are in almost all games…

When people say don’t hate the player, hate the game… I think it’s kinda the opposite as well… There is a fine balance between those 2. If there is actually something you dont like about the game, the best action would be to address it with a good argument.

WAY to many post are about systems of matchmaking and almost none of em point towards what they suggest we do about it. The thing is we all have opinions on what we want our Quick match to consist of. And you WILL have those games where you just loss by default, because of setup. Some people don’t realize this and then they wanna blame the system, which is fine. But the game itself doesn’t change. I’ve suggested a few things about Quick Match, because it’s the one I play most. Suggesting something for both sides “None healer games” - “Healer on team games” - “Equal class amounts on each team” etc… Something that would let you control the games you’re entering to find your favorite one. BUT as you can tell by that, it would create a longer que, and many people dont like long ques. Understandable.


yeah but the queues should be longer too. as it is, they do feel shorter


A strange conclusion.
I have to wait several minutes to find a game in QM, something about 190 sec. Quite long for blind pick.
Less toxicity? May be. But QM/Unranked games are not so passionate as ranked ones. Players don’t work so hard in non ranked games. It’s a common thing for competitive games. Also low level players are mostly smurfs, the players that do not care about temporary accounts while main ones are suspended or silenced.


Game Is Not Dead…

Dunno why people keep crying about that… but it aint dead… it’s very alive!


Game is not dead. As long as there are players that want to play it. For me HotS is an amazing game, and I will continue playing it as long as it exists. Off course there times when I play less or dont play at all because it is still just a game.

People will rage at the game because thats how it is. It’s in every game in the world. Gamers get raged when things dont go their way and usually they blame it on something else. It is up to the person if he or she really likes the experience nontheless and continue playing.

Game may be dead for pros but for anyone else, it is alive as long as you play it enjoy it. If you have something specific that you would like to be changed, tell the community, creators, but not just some meaningless complains and rageing.


Now… just to clarify. I still play. And will still play for the time being, as well.

Everything I said was that I won’t - can’t, really argue about Hots being dead, in case somebody were to make that argument.

In the mean time I’ve been playing Unranked with 30-40 s que time. Playing only Abathur–no body has ever asked me to switch or pick another hero, and generally must say that the games are of a decent and satisfying quality. I think people are less stressed about winning a game, so they just get back in the fray and try to do something. As for winning my games–I am something to the tune of 10-0.

These are all observations, by the way. There’s nothing ideological.

Like I shared earlier–a cautious thought is emerging at the back of my head, that perhaps now people might actually sit down and have fun with the game.


Maybe that’s true. But if you try to play ranked it can be a bad experience.

I just climbed to gold 5 and can’t really believe what kinf o games I’m having. It feels like im again playing in bronze but maybe in gold they can manage their hero a bit better.
I get teams where noone takes a warrior tank, or even support. And it happens in my team or opponents team. Like a lot. Really a lot.

I just had a match where the last 2 picks took Alarak and Arthas even tho we still didnt have support. And Arthas is telling me that if he is a last pick it doesnt mean that he has to take whatever team needs. That there is no rule like that haha. And he didnt complain about the team comp before he picked, he didnt tell us that he doesnt has healers or something. He just picked it and who cares.

I thought that quality of game will go higher with leagues but there are the same trolls everywhere. Maybe they are just better microing their character.


Maybe just play Unranked?

Honestly, this doesn’t happen to me there.


I play ranked because of the competitiveness. And because I like too see the progress in my level.


Yeah… whatever you fancy.

One more point - I think people are liable to play more poorly in Ranked. Just as a side thought.


So after 2 weeks i played some ranked again. 3 games. One normal, where I was a support, and we ahd a normal composition, and we dismantled them. But again one match, without a tank, i was Dehaka, where we got destroyed, and another one, without any kind of warrior. And we were completely destroyed. I was first and second pick in all of those.

How can this happened is beyond me. This is really not normal. There is absolutely 0 chance of doing anything. How can these people be in the same rank like me.


From bronze to gold there is zero difference, you are confused with shiny emblem of gold rank, but there is no difference at all. Stop thinking rank means anything - it just causes unnecessary prejudice.

Ranked games in Hots is super bad no matter what rank it is. That “progress” you want to feel is also nonsense. Just stop ruining your game experience and play unranked.

Also, amount of players in ranked is shrinking - same faces all over again. So if you make bad impression in one game - in future those same people will get more and more unfriendly to you, which will be quite unpleasant experience.