Stop telling me to take camps with Illidan


I like playing Illidan, and whenever I feel like it, or if my girlfriend asks me to, I’ll go take a camp. What I do NOT like, is have some dude sitting there telling me to not push, not do teamfights, but only take camps. No. I don’t want to.

“But Illidan is teh best at taikgn camps!”". Oh yes, I know that, but you know what else? Camps don’t give me stacks of Unending Hatred, so why bother taking them?

And this isn’t a case of “Oh someone is asking me to come help take a camp with them and I don’t want to”, but has to do with “Someone is telling me to take a camp by myself and they don’t want to help me in any way, shape or form”.

It doesn’t strike me as very time effective to have someone spend a good portion of time taking a camp by themselves, meanwhile a lane remains empty, no one is there to keep it safe, and the enemy is happily pushing forward.

Stop telling me to take camps when people are pushing, you lummoxes.

Sincerely, an Illidan player.


Don’t take unending hatred, take camps.


The other talents feel like shyte to me in comparison to Unending Hatred.

Soon as they start giving Unending Hatred stacks.


Well, don’t cry then when your teammates feel like you are shyte too :smiley:


Good things my teammates don’t have opinions that are worth even a tiny squirt of piss.


Considering you made whole topic about their opinions, they obviously have.


Well, more like I wanted to make a public message to stop pestering Illidan players who specialize in pushing/teamfighting, and have Unending Hatred to stack up, which doesn’t make them a candidate for taking camps.

I am sorry that was not clear enough to you.


What rank are you playing at?
Also the reason illidan is good in meta is because he can safely take camps then join fights with The Hunt.

It keeps lane control up and makes teamfights that take longer have a value non the less. That’s what they ask.

Also I don’t know your basic play style but if you are constantly diving enemies and not killing them. I would agree with them.


Some peoples in LoL/HotS think that just because your character is good at something it does mean this character is good only in that one thing and should do nothing else.
Like with Karazhim. He can heal so most of peoples thinks he always has to be healer.

I played WoW and its 3 expansions. In Vanilla and first expansion peoples though that during raids and instances Druids and Paladins cant tank because they could heal. Thats logic. Ilidan is great at cleaning Camps but it doesn’t mean he should avoid lanes untill late game. Peoples just have preconceptions and if they see some character excelling well in something they love to assume this character should always do this one thing. Blaze is good at lane and inn tamfights but when your team is 2 doublons away from next salve and he passes next to camp while situation on rest of the map is quite peacefull you dont telll him to ignore this camp because Blaze=Solo lane/Teamfight.
Other example you have girlfriend she has tits which can be used to feed children. Does it means they are not good for other purposes? I doubt it.


Then tell your teammates to soak the lane while you are taking the camps.


Take the camps… please…


Depends on the situation as to whether you should take camps or not. Taking camps before an objective comes up is a common tactic and it can give you quite an advantage as either the camp gets value during the team fight or the enemy is delayed coming to the team fight and your team has the advantage in the team fight.

Of course, if you’re going to try and stack unending hatred, you might want to communicate this with your team, so ask someone to soak your lane if you need to go get camps or ask for help with camps to not lose soak. If the rest of the team do neither, well do what’s best for the team. It sucks when it happens but it happens.



Its a team player game, play your selected hero to its strengths.


If you play in QM, do whatever tactic you want, but if you take Illidan in ranked…THAN TAKE THOSE CAMPS!!


I rest whatever case I may ever have had before this gem of a thought right here.


When your child is starving tho, you better use them to feed them.