Storm league advice

I would like some advice about the storm league. I started in silver 4, and stayed between 4 and 5 for 2-3 weeks, hoping to improve.
Then I lost a few games and I ended up in Bronze, and then I just went downhill for a week and I ended up in Bronze 3.

Now to the point, the more I go in lower levels, the more it feels like my skills count less and less.
In bronze most of the times I lose is because somebody leaves mid-game, nobody communicates during the draft, often 2-3 playes keep committing suicide… or everybody wants to be an assassin, so I have to cover either healer or tank, but one of them is going to be missing…
Of course it could go both ways, the other team could have people making those huge mistakes, so some games are really really easy to win. But if I randomly happen to be on the wrong side of the coin then I keep going down.
Now in Bronze it feels like the way I play only count 1 out of 4 or even 5 games.
How do I make a difference?
It looks like I have to play like tons of frustrating games to be able to make a difference in a few games and get out of this.

My main account is currently sitting in D2, my top rank being Master 3600.
I ranked my smurf account from Silver 5 to Diamond 2 in about 2 weeks.
Now i am currently on another smurf account to play with some friends, just went from S5 to G1 in about 3-4days, barrely playing on it.

So i do have some experience both in high ranks and in the lower leagues.

The role you play in the lower leagues matters little, most likely people are picking DPS because they think they need to “Carry”, this game has abit of a wierd term when it comes to carrying because you don’t really carry, you actually need to work around your team in any case for any plans of your to work.

In most games you will find people fighting 24/7, when you see this you gotta be able to see “Is this a winning fight, or are we wasting our time?” “Can i reach the fight in time, or should i be doing something more productive?”

This whole game is about sieging, once you get your first keep down, then you got catapults, more XP and all the goodies you won’t get if you just fight 24/7, more XP means more lvls which all in all means more winning fights.
Are you standing stil in a lane poking with no results? are there camps up you could do instead of dancing midlane pretending that you MIGHT be able to get a kill?

Always consider your risk factors compared to safe plays.
Take Sky Temple as an example.
Would you rather take the boss or do the free objective?
-The free objective is safe, it is 100% guaranteed to siege alot.
-The boss is risky, the enemy team could come out of nowhere and challenge it, you will most likely have lost health to the boss leaving you in a bad Teamfight early, the boss might not even be able to siege before killed.

I am not saying the boss is bad to bring down, but when faced with a choice of 100% success and 50% chance of success, the most sensable thing is always to go for the 100% right?
Same thing goes for Teamfights, all teamfights unless you are WAY ahead is a 50/50, so why risk a 50/50 when you can instead work on the map, bring down camps, siege forts which is 100% chance of gaining you the XP you need and give you advantages ahead.

ALWAYS go in with a mindset of “Is this worth the risk?”
As a Tank you can controll WHEN and WHERE things happen.
As a healer you controll where the safe spots are.
As a DPS you are abit more self dependent.

All roles are just as easy to carry as, there is a guy in Grand master who every season play healer ONLY and he reaches Grand Master every single season.

Thanks a lot for your input!

You reached G1 in 3-4 days, but you are saying you played in a team with some friends, right? So I assume you were all quite good?
Playing solo is really unpredictable, particularly in Bronze. People AFK, intentionally dying. Sometimes everyone wanst to pick DPS, but I also had the opposite happening, and we had almost no dps. And nobody seems to understand when I write.
I often play Xul, and try to siege a lot and do a lot of camps, but again, it doesn’t work if the rest of the team doesn’t cooperate.
Can you make up for 2 people AFK by yourself? Or maybe you don’t tend to play solo much?
Or maybe I was just unlucky.

Also, I’m probably not an amazing player, I must admit, so I don’t expext to be in GM anytime soon. I just feel I don’t belong in Bronze with totally random behaviours, or intentionally dying. Anyway I’ll try to follow your advice.
Maybe I should team up with somebody, not necessarily an amazing player, just reliable like me.

My first account that i tok from S5 to D2 in 2 weeks was 100% solo.
You shouldn’t bother communicating with your team mates at that rank btw, there is never any good input you get from them, and no one will listen.
If anything you will only annoy them, in a way that you are more likely to have either an AFK on the team or having them chat the entire game.
You might aswell mentally remove the chat til your in Diamond 1.

Btw if you want to, we can take a look at a replay or 2 from your matches, and try to analyze solutions to your issues during matches.

So we can improve your gameplay and find ways to play around whatever it is kind of team you are left with.


Are you interested in grouping up for a couple of games? I am pretty sure I could learn a thing or two from a Master 3600.

1 correct tip is find team 5ppl. This game is destroyed so much adn hey are random lvl from bronze to master. Admins are destroyed this game so much

This is the most common problem from bronze to diamond. The matchmaking is broken. Look for teams of 5 and train. At the moment there is no other way, if ye not a true GML, and not 4-10 games for a season, so as not to fall.

what you expect if this completely id.iots (admins) mixing 5ppl party 90-100%wr diamonds vs 5 golds and hen you loss you get - 216points…
Until blizard employe completely imb.ecils there is no chance for this game worsk fine