Storm League Rank Points problem


On the EU server I am Bronze 5 and when I either win or lose a Storm League match I am only awarded or deducted about 20 rank points out of the 1000 required to rank up. On the US server I am Bronze 4 and rank points are awarded normally.


It it even possible?

It seems you’ve just finished your 3 calibration games. But the calibration isn’t over yet and you need 7 games more. In other words, current 3 calibration games are cosmetic, the truly calibration is 10 games as it’s always been.


On the EU server I am Bronze 5, played 16 games - 7 wins and 9 losses and still getting 20-26 points per match?


Same here, ± 15-25 points


Still same problem - played approx 15 games alone and 25 at party and still getting 20-25 mmr points per match…


There has been an announcement regarding the low points for Bronze 5 players

It seems low points being awarded and removed is a UNIQUE thing happening ONLY for Bronze 5 players



hmm, that sucks. You play 3 games as tank, win 1 and loose 2 and automatically to bronze 5… great system, perhaps not…


Why i complain: People does not want to play tank at ranked…


Be the exception and play Tank in Ranked then


I have been exception, but playing with tank all the time in ranked is not what I wish for to do all the time, since people either can not or do not want to play tank.


I have been meeting a lot of Tanks and do not mind playing different roles in Ranked

Perhaps you and I should team up together


Yes I am also only geting 16 ranking points each game, doesnt matter if i win 10 in a row or loose 10 I still only get 16 rating points per game.
I played this game for 6 weeks now and just started to learn the game and now I can’t do ranked games with my friends cause it is not any fun when they get around 200 raiting points and I still only get 16. Well I am not supposed to win 70 games in a row to get from bronze 5 to bronze 4? Why is it like this? It can’t be hidden mmr or raiting as someone else said because then they would have to show us and put us in a rank thats lower than bronze 5, and if the account has been shut down or anything can’t Blizzard see that?


I was thinking the same, I have to win approx. 20 games to get in bronze 4…I perhaps uninstall the game, and play some better games forward. Thank you developers… :frowning:


Hi Blizzard, new skins are rdy, but the Bronze 5 lvl bug is still happening.

Thank you.


It’s not a bug. It’s exactly how it’s supposed to work.

You can’t go below 0 points in bronze5, so the mmr curve slows down the closer you are to that bottom.
You can imagine another ‘wood’ tier that you need to climb out first, if that makes you feel better.
Bronze5 may hold only the bottom 2% of all players, but fact is - they’re still VERY different in skill and hence actual mmr. If you’re getting very few points per game - you’re simply very low on that curve.
I guess they could actually add that wood league, just to make that ‘bronze5’ represented by a wider range of points.
Or they could just allow negative points - then they wouldn’t need to slow down the progress. If masters have over 10k points, then there could be bronze5 “anti-masters” with negative 10k points.
Although I’m not sure what would feel like less of a climb:
a) getting 200 points per game and climbing from -10000 or
b) getting 5 points per game but going from 0 to 1k bronze4 ?
It’s basically the same thing, just differently represented.

I think if I was that low, I’d rather have the 0 shown and take the slow climb, than bronze5 -10000 officially visible to everyone XD. Although, being officially one of the worst could be a source of pride too, e.g.: “I’m #15 worst player in hots ranked season3!”
I’m afraid though that if such “anti-leaderboards” were implemented, there would be ppl intenionally “climbing” down on them (obviously resulting in them being banned for throwing games).

P.S. I’m not entirely certain, but I don’t think the actual MMR value used for matchmaking has lower bounds like rank points, so for matchmaking purposes, ppl on the low end of bronze5 are actually matched as having much lower mmr than high bronze5.
In other words - if you have such terribly low mmr that you don’t even get points in bronze5, your mere presence in a team makes opponents a lot weaker on average. If noone wants to play with you - just use that card. E.g., you may team up with a silver5 and still be matched vs 2x bronze5’s just because of your own terribly low mmr. And this in return should result in you winning a lot more, which in turn should help you raise your mmr eventually. (and if you don’t win more, well at least you’re being matched fairly…)