Storm League Rank Points problem


On the EU server I am Bronze 5 and when I either win or lose a Storm League match I am only awarded or deducted about 20 rank points out of the 1000 required to rank up. On the US server I am Bronze 4 and rank points are awarded normally.


It it even possible?

It seems you’ve just finished your 3 calibration games. But the calibration isn’t over yet and you need 7 games more. In other words, current 3 calibration games are cosmetic, the truly calibration is 10 games as it’s always been.


On the EU server I am Bronze 5, played 16 games - 7 wins and 9 losses and still getting 20-26 points per match?


Same here, ± 15-25 points


Seems like there is an issue with the mmr, was placed gold 3 (2w, 1l) and lost over 900 points with the next two matches…