Struggles with this game


I’ve played this game off and on for about a year. First MOBA. Started HL this season for the first time. Placed Bronze 1. I’m just about at Bronze 5. My winrate is 28%. I’m just bad. I don’t blame my winrate on others; I know its me. I have bad awareness. I think I’m going into a good fight, and then more enemies come out of the fog and I’m dead. My teammates will say, “Why did you run into that fight?” I never once thought, “Wow there’s 4 guys there and I’m outnumbered, but I think I can do it!” I just simply don’t see it. I don’t know how to see it. I try to see it every game, but I just don’t.

I don’t really know how to get better. I guess I should quit.


Which heroes do you play? Would you still think youre going into a good fight if you played a support without any significant damage or kill potential? What about playing Abathur for some games, where at least up to lvl 10 you can’t really pick bad engages.

There might be certain heroes that work better by not putting you into scenarios where you would go in to fight, you could try solo laners or specialists that keep you away from most of the enemy team. Ofcourse you might still get ganked, but that can happen on any hero


Hi there. If you want to improve your game sense this was a good start for me at least:

  1. Take a 4 second Ping loop and listen to it while playing. Every time you hear the ping, glance at your minimap.
  2. While doing it, play charackters who are self sufficient and easy to play so you are not overwhelmed and you dont need to rely on others.
  3. try to practice safe play. meaning. rather then beeing agressive actively try to play passive. If you are usually an agressive playeer you can balance out overeagerness at least a bit.
  4. While playing charackters like sonya, artanis or similar heroes you can try to practice getting mercs without losing xp.
  5. Focus your play on getting ahead on Xp rather then getting kills but pioritise objectives over lanig xp unless its obvious you will lose the obj. rather then trying to delathe enevitable you should go back to lane then
  6. practice using your backport more frequently. often enough before an objective for example its more reasonable to go back and then fight.
    Lastly. try practice this in quick match. Like this you dont lose any more ranked points while trying to learn the game.

I hope this maybe helps you a bit. :slight_smile:

PS: Dont try to do anything at once ^^ Onestep after another is the key here.


Play Unranked. I actually find some very nice games there.