Stuck in Silver 2 and 3


I play this game over 3 years now.
I’m level 1260 ish and damn this game has a ranked play of sh*t.

I only played QM for a very long time till i hit 1200.
I only ranked for the rewards and then played QM again, every season.
So i tought new season lets try Ranked.
Silver 5 i started in…
It was an awful clim to reach finely Silver 3.
And now i just rank to silver 2, silver 3, silver 2, silver 3, silver 2.
And the problem everytime is a first nova pick, or someone that thinks leveling you’re hero is a good idea in ranked.

And sure it can be me sometimes.
But i know from placements before i shouldn’t be stuck @ Silver 2/3.


Try playing unorthodox ways like Damage lili and such.
If your team ain’t gonna work… work on stuff you can do on your own.

If your hero has to work with your team it’s a bad pick in those instances.
But if you can do something on your hero the worth of 2-3 picks but not excell in it… then do that.

it’s better to cover what can go wrong and do it yourself rather then work with an ally


Well, ranked is also a totally different tyoe of play than QM. In QM people really dont care about anything and maybe you also learned some bad habits that even worked there.
But from my experience climbing from bronze 5 to gold 5 so far, I can tell you that it was a long hustle. I got out bronze pretty fast, but in silver it was up and down for hundreds of games. During that time I increased the pool of my heroes and I learned some micro mechanics on heroes and macro mechanics of maps, but unless you are some master or grandmaster of the game, you will not advance in ranks really fast.
Just keep in mind that for every time you get a troll in your team, there will also be a troll in the other team. Maybe in the same game or in the other. Try to play your main heroes as much as possible (dont pick heroes to level them up WTF?), or take someone who energizes really good with your team if there is a chance, soak the lanes, and come to the objectives with full mana and HP.

But again, it wont happen in a day or in a week even. Climbing is a real struggle, and you have to put effort into and dont let yourself put down for having a troll here and there.


From personal experience: If you are stuck in silver for a whole season, it means your MMR aint going up, make a new account.


Well, from my own experience, this is quite normal. You didn’t specify which ranked, but I’m guessing you mean TL.

HL is more even because groups can’t queue and players lock heroes in order. If you’re not queueing in a group I find this a much better experience. Yes, there are trolls, but there are more trolls in TL.

TL is extremely frustrating, but keep in mind that the troll could also be on the enemy team. First lock Nova, or last lock assassin after you have 2 assassins and 2 tanks is quite normal. I’ve tried to prevent this by picking a healer earlier, as nobody in random teams seems to want to heal, but it happens sometimes that the last person then locks a healer as well. I guess they’re afk watching porn.

The best way to get around all this nonsense is to play TL in a group of 5. Group of friends on voice chat is of course best, but even if it’s randoms, they will be less likely to troll, or you can kick and report them afterwards.

Anything but 5 man team is a lottery, even if you’re 4 good players, 1 troll can easily make you lose.

If Blizzard would prevent trolls from joining TL it would be a fun game. Unfortunately it’s almost always frustrating, either for you, or for the enemy. Perhaps 1 out of 10 games of hots feels fair and fun, the rest are either bad losses or easy wins.


It’s lessening alot cause of demoralizing communities and alot of smurfing.
This is cause in higher ranks Que times are getting higher and higher.
People rather TL cause the Que times are only 2 minutes where as HL can be up to 5-10 now.


You are not supposed to climb much in just one season.


I started in Silver 4 in the first season (after preseason). After two season I was in Platinum. One season after I was in Diamond. After two seasons in Diamond I reached Master (low).
It takes time. Ranked is not perfect. But i works. If you MMR is higher than your rank then it doesn’t mean that you will have a 100% winrate instead about 70% (max). And that is only if you first of all KNOW how to carry. There is a difference in being able to play at a Master level and being able to carry lower ranks.
I played Greymane and Genji A LOT. I made sure not to lose soak and at the same time be with my team even though they did bad dissicions.


Did they remove the promotion/demotion match like they said?





It is another noob complaining that he should be placed higher than how bad he is.


You are absolutely right, however the way you said it sounds a bit rude.

No good player will ever be stuck in silver. If you can’t make enough impact in your games to win more than 50% of your games, you are doing something mechanically wrong in your gameplay. Your mindset is already wrong for not knowing that you aren’t as good at the game as you think.


Normally that would be the case, but in HotS the MMR will place you with closest similar player, which means you can be gold+ player and suddenly with the inflation of similar players you are being placed with players that still have no idea how this game works and decide to ruin your score or do it intentionally.

In HotS, being a good player in ranked games can be separated into two playways:
You play Hero League, which means you are a masochist because at some point people will ruin your game intentionally for reasons only they comprehend.

You play Team League solo, which means you know or understand how the game works and yet still get matched with people who don’t even have enough experience to do ranked play but believe they are great because they were good in LOL/DOTA. Which means you will lose eventually.


On my way from Silver to Diamond, i saw so many people screaming REEEEEEEE when i didnt do the thing they wanted me to and called me bad because they were the ones that didnt have any idea how to play and tried to make me a part of their mistakes.

As proof that i was right more often than these people, im in Diamond now and they are still there somewhere, now most of the team are on the same page as most understand the strategies on a same level.

So whenever someone is “stuck” in the low ranks and screaming about their teammates being the problem i would recommend them to look at some of their losses where the AFK/DC or draft was not the problem and see what they did wrong or could have done better, because there will be alot of those in those games

If you cannot find any and still struggle to climb, you have found your place and the only way out is to learn something new about the game, change up/expand your roster and the strategies you use.

If youre not actively timing your camps atm and calling them to be done or doing them yourself for example, this got me from Gold to high Plat alone.

Some players think theyre doing the right thing while theyre not and call their teammates bad because of their inability, make sure youre not one of them.

For example when i was “stuck” in gold, i was the idiot who stayed on his lane through the obj phases saying to myself that im bringing more value to the game by getting the fort while the team died 4v5 and lost the obj and the boss because of me.

When i got over myself i climbed.


I stuck all seasons…or avarage 3 years…
Its unbelieveble Blizzard HoST peoples do not understand for these 4 years.wich are all important factors to climp up ,to created different MM!!
Just …WoW :o:
I already suggested what can be this new vers of the game


Hard to climb when you play this game since Alpha and your MMR never got reset ONCE so you could start liek most new players that joined teh game since it’s release.
You’d think releasing 2.0 would warrant a reset, but nope.
I can’t change who I play with.


next month it will be removed, in the new season
with just 3 placement games

what rank r u in now?
im hoping to find some players to play with, i did find som, but in ranked, u need to get somme synergy going, or u just win some n lose some, and its not tht much fun unless some wombo combos get going