Stun Mechanics and why they're bad


To begin with, I despise stun mechanics. They’re lazy game design, and I can’t see a single thing to combat how long the stuns are, especially consecutive stuns.
I think what should happen is a trait that every hero has, called: “Diminishing Returns.”
What I suggest this does, is: “Each consecutive Crowd Control mechanic endured by your hero diminishes the duration of incoming stuns by 30%, up to 90%” just so that you can’t make a 5 man team with 10 different stuns and CCs.

What prompted me into making this is Quick Match and how I got into a team with Ragnaros (me), Alextrasza, Sylvanas, Alarak and Diablo, and we had only Diablo with a stun, and really, nobody with a valid escape, apart from Sylvanas. The enemy team had Anub’arak, Butcher, Qhira, Morales and Kael’thas, each of which have crowd control even without lvl 10 talents.

The stuns in this game NEED to be fixed. As I said before, it’s lazy game design, and only works to lessen the fun to be had in said game.

Thanks, and have “fun.”

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Firstly, this isn’t the right place to make a post about this but i’ll talk about it anyways.

The problem isn’t stun mechanics, it’s the poor matchmaking system in HotS. It happens quite often where one team is loaded with CC and the other one has little to none.
This is not WoW PvP. A stun is a stun and will last however long it lasts. Doing something like that would completely mess up the meta and mess up players’ muscle memory.

You might think that an update like this is would have little impact and simply help smoothen out stuff, but it would simply cause chaos. There’s a reason why combo stuns exist. Some targets are priority, others aren’t.

How exactly would a fairer playground make the game MORE chaotic?