Suggestion for ARAM - General "AFKing During Picks" Problem

I have seen people missing their pick in ARAMs many times. The loading screen is too fast sometimes. People just miss it. My suggestion is this:
"If a player has not already picked any hero, instead of a random pick among the 3 heroes, the game will take the team’s suggestions. "
So that even if the player drops, the team will have a chance of survival with a proper hero - AI or not.

For example, in a "AFKer during an ARAM picking scenario
Hero 1 ->1 votes
Hero 2 → 2 votes
Hero 3 ->1 votes

Hero 2 will be chosen as the player’s hero if the player does not pick anything in 30 seconds.

Yes, I also can see the beauty of chaos picking in ARAM but I wanted to suggest this anyways because when happens too often, it becomes a 15 minutes of suffering. This is not so efficient for people who log in for a few matchs. Why not simply improving the quality?

DO you really think that they will change anyting? Actually blizard team are only re.tarder ppl. If you want them to change someting, you must suggest for that id.iots someting