/surrender helps against trolls,afk

I do not think anyone likes playing with afk or trolls in general.
please there must be a /surrender button.
very simple thing if u have afk let ppl have surrender vote after few mins if afk do not come back
or at least protect ranked score lets say if match is lost no score is lost if u have afk in team.
another reason if there is someone trolling in ranked its way better to surrender early and start new match after reporting that troll .
thank you

why is /surrender not in the game it makes no sense???


Mybe you didint notice but idea what you said is good, but blizard imb.ecils developers hey dont making good changes… If you advise someting what make this game worse they willby happy to do it…

i remember a surrender before

if the surrender vote did not pass you could see people intentionnaly afk

It did not solve the issue at all sadly