Team league dump


After it became possible to play TL alone, it became unbearable to play.
Not only did Blizzard fail to fulfill their promises to improve the personal rating system in the HL, they destroyed MM in the TL.

Every now and then all players, that previously never played TL doing so, cause its literally a chance to get coordinated team to carry you to higher rank. Also, its on a lower searching time than HL.

And every now and then, on both my accounts from different ranks I got players which absolutely not ready to play team league. Not arguing about draft order or priority picks, TL came to the point where is no mood to win, its not competetive at all, ist just second HL and players fulfill their dreams of staying afk for 20 minutes and bullying each other. Its frustrating to play. Barely one man per 20 games joins voice chat when we play as 4. Almost never when we play as 3.

Please remove this idiotic feature. Team league as one. “There is safety in numbers”.

Blizzard, your comment for introducing this feature is dumb. “We want players to find team to play bla bla bla”. If player want to play with team, he will search for team in chat. There’s another problem. Your chat and team searching features are HORRIBLE.

I posted about it earlier. There’s a channel in chat, where you have 150 or so players you have to play with. You CANT switch channel. Sometimes you CANT even type someone because of “This profile do not exist in your realm”.

HOTS 2.0 ? Sprays, banners, taunts and other stuff? Who needs them, when game causes gagging after half games played?