The amezing matchmaking-how to get out of b/s league


so blizzard, please tell me whats wrong with this picture… and how is it possible that 80% of time i get matchmaked with such quaility people on my team…

i.imgur com/3dmh7kV.jpg


playing dmg lili and being unable to keep ur team alive…mh i wonder why u lost

images like that have no message actually replay would be much better


Thats what happens when a team needs to hearthstone all the time because their healer is too busy finding enemies to fight. On a more serious note, its hard to tell without a replay but doing that much hero damage even compared to the winning team likely requires you to sacrifice a lot of objectives and teamwork. Do note that the enemy morales greatly outhealed you, making it plausible that she was in more meaningful fights than you. The fact the enemy had two target dummies, one of which topped siege damage, makes for a lot of opportunities to deal sustained meaningless damage.


have u noticed the illidian and sonya dmg? its pathetic

have u noticed the name of illidian and what country he might be from? actually i happen to lose so many games whenever i get matched with a russian

to be honest my heals and blinds were more then sufficiant for us to win.
its bad that my perfectly timed blinds do not account as dmg or dead reduction…


Illidan has the most kills on your team, indicating he went for kill targets instead of their frontline who could sustain for ages. Sonya has second highest siege damage, sadly her exp contribution is covered but i expect it to be quite high. This is because the enemy has two heroes with 15k, your team has the highest (showing) as 7k and youre still only 2 levels behind. If im wrong on this then you would have a valid point against Sonya.

Also, uploading a replay would be the easiest way to prove your point. Any statistic in HotS can be interpreted in multiple ways depending on what scenario you assume led to it. Your team has around 200k hero damage done, with about 150k soaked by both their tanks. That is a ton of damage to pad meters that likely didnt lead to any advantage (since Morales isnt a healer you can OoM with slow sustained damage, and both their tanks have good self sustain).


the point of metter is this matchmaking is simple said Garbage, sh@t , terrible…

blizzard, let me tell u something, its last time i spend 1 dollar on your f@cking games. fu and your mathcmaking