The Nexus Forge [Searching for YOU!]


]╬═══► Please add [ Jackster#7513 or Quinn#5186 ] on Discord for an invite to the server!

Well met stranger from the internet, and thank you for stumbling onto my post.

First of let me introduce myself, my name is Jackster and i’m the Founder and Leader of The Nexus Forge, we first started the community in May of 2018 and have grown strong and met so many wonderful people.

What’s your community about?

Our community is made up of gamers and aspiring creators from all over the globe who are looking for more fun, like-minded positive people to become apart of our growing family. Whether your a casual or competitive gamer or a creator of any kind WE WANT YOU!

Within our community we have regular events from Cards against Humanity to game specific events that are a lot of fun to participate in, these are hosted by our lovely staff every so often.

We ACCEPT both casual and competitive gamers, whatever your play style, whatever your rank!! everyone is destroy the core!

What’s the requirements?

The only requirements to join us are to bring a positive attitude and a love for all things gaming.

For any Inquires please message Jackster (myself) on Discord (Located at the top of the post)


Come play some games with us people!


Come and play with us today!


The Nexus Forge has EU and NA server players as well! Come check us out!


Indeed it does <3 we’re looking at a team for hots soon <3


Hey, support main interested here :slight_smile:




Just add Jackster#7513 on Discord!


such a nice place owo


<3 much love for the kind words!


I love Being a part of the community it’s super easy to find people to play with <3


We’re looking at getting a team up for HoTs soon dm me <3


HOTS events coming soon, all skill levels welcome with the Nexus Forge. Find us on Twitter and join the Discord server for updates


Can’t wait for the first one to come up soon <3


I fell in love with the community, even if you cant find the right people to play with you’ll still find that there’s a lot of amazing people in there who just wanna talk about anything in text or voice channels and have fun… so just come take a look and see for yourselves guys <3


Kind words from you there @Quinn <3


Stumbled onto this a while back and liked the witty sales pitch… checked them out and liked it so much I stuck around.

Community is pretty active with active posts for LFG HotS and OW for both EU and NA.

Weekend HotS events have been picking up more interest.

Come on over and see for yourself :slight_smile:


sent request to both, see you in game hopefully!

JD xx


We’re looking for new members to join our ranks for both EU and NA <3

Get in contact with our staff today!


Saturday HotS events have been every couple weeks… the more the interest builds, the more we can do… come join the fun.