This game is 90% bots

I’m sorry but it’s true. There is no way there are that many people who are just that awful at the game. Never say a word, never ping, run in 1 vs 5 or just don’t even react to the enemy team in the slightest.

You can always tell as well because they never move at the start of the game they are always late like the script is loading in or something.

I WISH that it was human beings I’m playing with but there is no way in hell that people are that bad at the game you would have to go out of your way to play that badly and the fact it’s every single game that 1-2 people on my team are bots is enough to make me want to quit.

It’s funny though because when I do get a team of HUMAN BEINGS we win or when we lose it’s a damn close game where pings happen, people chat ect but with the bots it’s pure radio silence until the game ends and NO MATTER HOW BADLY THE GAME WENT it’s “gg” and that’s all that is said and it’s said the exact second the game ends. I’ve lost games where the bot is like 0-0-12 and it will still say gg after endlessly feeding. Just close down this game it’s dead the bots have ruined it just let it die now


Idk… it’s hard to say that 90% of the players are bots… they’re just demented or just probably some russian or polish kids messing around.

  • all most every demented player says gg at the end of a terrible match


just quit bro, you clearly dont understand

Its little bit funny (or sad) that people who in game got 30-45%wr, or they bronze-silver and talk to others that others are bots or Polish/Russian. If Polish or Rusian player is 55-70%wr or 3 liques above of you, then meybe try find another reason why you still losing games???

If you choice to play ARAM and your player base knowladge is only Liming + Tassadar or Raynor. Or you have problem pick tank or healer (when only you have posibility) on ARAM because you dont like. Attitude like that is only show like you not respect another 4 players in your team. So if you dont respect them, meybe its reason why they go afk or they leave the game??? Did you even think like that?

as mister LazyTitan said and I quote: “just quit bro, you clearly don’t understand”

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As I guess you and misterTitan, you are no more than bronze-silver and your winrate is not more than 45%. So if system mix player who deserve platinum/diamond with winrate 55-70% with players bronze-silver 45% they may by angry.
Play game with thinking like yours, that other 4 players will pull you up is very not fair.
I meet more Polish or Russian players whos plays better than for example British (who is plays worst). Iam Polish and also propably you and your friend will never get skill like me.

welcome to EU server, the server of bots.

The NA server is clearly better, I guess the report system still works on NA

on EU report system works exacly like developers want it… If you write once or twice “Hello my dear alllies” or “I love you”. Its making more bans, more smurfs accounts and more balanced ranking matches.

Also before I didnt see cheaters in game. Now sometimes you can meet for example ktz who is spaming his “R” when you somewhere in bush

I had another acc 87% win rate with a team of 4 or 5 men.
My solo rank is like max 50% win rate sometime down to 40% (solo)
because of Afk, Trolls, Bots, and bad is just impossible to win solo queue ranked.

Don’t know if there are many bots but they are %90 of the time on my team. I literally can’t bear it anymore and there is really no point playing this useless game with this horrendous matchmaking. I’m making it to top 5 almost always yet I loose almost always due to other noob/toxic players. It doesn’t matter if I lose 10 times in a row yet I’m matched with another useless player group. Reporting them does nothing do, you can still matched with them again.
When I start as a plat on ranked, I can never make it better. Mostly diving into gold and if I keep play I’m sure I’ll become a bronze, it’s that bad. You can not do to fix it alone.

My script just loaded.
I am a bot.