This new " Chromie " sucks


i have played chromie since she as released and I have to say this is by far the absolute worst version of chromie I have ever seen , she doesn’t feel fun to play, and has les damage then ever, smaller life pool , and feels like the very worst mage to play . i have lost all urge to play her . and don’t have much faith in any future " re-works ".


heh :smiley: your problem in your mind you think like that,heroes must be balanced!
Old Chromie was almost immortal first!
Secound in some games she does so high dmgs
If is in hand of Master players ,then she is OP
I know i cant change your mind and thinking,but try to stop think like that.
Over 1 year i did suggest in forum when she be in PTR ,to be nurfed,becauase was with high survivebility and does so high dmgs.
Even you hate or dislike ,she would stay like this balanced version,no matter what you want or think.
If cant understand that ,that is your problem.
If cant accept his new reworked,balanced version,then again is your problem.
Such players like you ,witch think with your way,are so many.
Even you say that or create this topic,you cant change NOTHING.
And btw she had trick how to hit with 2 lines with his echo or twin.
But you must understand alone , how exactly can be make it this trick.I did that in PTR to while i did try kill one seage camp alone.
And dont reveal what is your thinking or mind with this word “suck”.
Problem is not in heroes,or reworking ,A …IN …YOUR…MIND!


no the OP is 100% right this is the worst re-work to any hero. chromies winrate before this nerf was at 48% – 50.5% now its at 44% .

her time traps are super clunky now, and u have to activate them now like a really bad junkrat. almost to the point where her time traps hinders your own team.

he Q damage has been nerfed yet again, and now everything blocks it, i hit a murky with my main Q and 2 shadow echos and 1 of the 3 dragon breaths just to get murkys health down to 25% that’s a super nerf no matter how u stack it.

it doesn’t matter if chromie has 10 shadow echos if the enemy takes almost no damage from them.

Her W is so dumb now. you’ll NEVER be able to hit all 3 of them against anyone who isn’t a compete moron. i haven’t been able to hit a single target with all 3 dragon breath drops in over 25 matches with chromie so far . and im a lvl 400+ chromie .

her lvl 18 talents DO NOT replace all that she has lost in this 1 patch. R.i.P. Chromie .

i noticed her win rate is dropping insanely fast in T.L. and Q.m. now . and is only 28% in Storm League atm. i wonder how far will it go down.


You just have to adjust to her new playstyle and this is why it feels odd. Remember that now she has more pve power and that 2 Dragon’s Breath now are equal in damage to an old DB.

And I have played against a Chromie that dealt an absurd amount of damage and was alive the whole game.


Only done 1 AI with her to see what it feels like and in all I think in right hands she could be just as good as before, the cd on her W is crazy if you can get a good amount of hits with it (its not to different from guls corruption, and if you take temporal loop and don’t kill target right away you can line the W towards yourself so that they think twice about diving you as they risk taking the extra shots.

The one thing I really do dislike is the timetraps… who ever thought it would be a good thing to have the player needing to watch time trap be able to trap the target is clearly a moron. I’m guessing they didn’t like fact players couldn’t avoid them if they weren’t made visible. so why not just do what they did with junkrat streel traps and have them visible but not attackable? then its on the enemy player to not walk into them, oh and I’m not sure what to make of the Q changes, first thought was helps on wave clear, after a 2nd game my thoughts turn to great I cant hit my target because everything can block it…

Will be interesting to see what a good player can do with the hero, I certainly think this rework has raised her skill cap as I cant see a player of lvl like me being able to get 1 shot kills like I used to on original version of Chromi, overall feeling for changes seem to be they want to make it harder for the Chromi player to get easy blow ups and generally make it harder for her (that’s what Q changes feel like so they more like mings and jainas spells)


chormie is definitely a joke now.

I played her a lot since the rework , trying to find a niche way of play style to see how strong she could be to any degree. However im disappointed to share with u that no matter what talents and talent combos I picked for her . I was losing the majority of the matches , while being mid range at best on the damage charts and dying a lot more.

I noticed people saying she has this amazing wave clear now. so I tried a wave clear build and any build for that matter that would help me kill minions as fast as I could , I tried a Q-build, a W-build, and in between build, and whatever was left over build . And at best was worse then Li-ming’s Q-build.

chorime’s Q build is laughable damage= I hit heros all the time with all 3 sandblasts and barley takes any life off them, the only time u see any kind of damage by sand blast is when u go hardcore Q-build and have the bounes up to max and hit a target with all 3 and being a lvl or 2 ahead in Late game .

her w is now a very poor rip off of Guldan’s corruption that does less damage, and cost more mana .

Her time traps are a bad rip off of Junkrat’s concussion mine. cause u have to manually activate them like junrat’s mine but cant use them while cc’ed and they have longer CDs .not to mention u can accidentally freeze stop your own team mates. so they are basically now a annoyance to your team .

and to that one guy out there that says " nah the time traps are cool cause I can save a team mate by freeze stopping my team from a enemy ult ". good luck with that. because that type of scenario is HIGHLY unlikely / rare perhaps only happening once or 2 times in a 20 min game. not worth the poorly designed time traps that drops chromie’ s survivability a ton .

my overall opinion about chromie in her current state = is to never play her in ranked . she might be fun in QM solo , I highly doubt it . I would suggest playing her with a team of 5 , to make for the handicap.


Ok you could say her earlier iterations you had sever lack of wave clear, but you know that picking the hero so you never picked her for the wave clear, but I don’t think that’s what these changes were aimed at, I think it was all to do with having it so the minions or structures could stop the Q making it harder for chromi to get a kill (and please those players who would complain her burst was to much)

I don’t know what goal the devs were trying to achieve with the rework. Did they want to raise skill cap so that lower ranks couldn’t just blow up other low ranks so easy? (being as gold and lower most players just sit in 1 lane 90% of game and just face check each other like they have 0 clue on how to win the game)


I’m lvl 27 with Chromie and I just tried her out after the revamp and I absolutely agree with you. This revamp is sooo wrong.

You generally have to predict the opponents movement in order to hit your abilities. Making it hard to deal hero damage with Chromie unless you’re good at predicting.

Since few patches ago the Dragon’s Breath shows for the opponent few seconds before it lands. Making it easy for at least plat players and above to simply dodge it.

…and now even minions block Sand Blast, ensuring it’s nearly impossible to deal hero damage.

And you have to personally detonate Time Trap, making it nearly useless as well. Or is the idea with it to use CC teammates and yourself?


“While we’re diversifying her kit, we also want to make sure that Chromie feels special”.

Yeah, they took every aspect of her special kit to kill her unique gamestyle.


I have 1000 games with Chromie and played quite enough after the rework to say this - JOKE! This hero is just JOKE now! I dont even want to argue with anyone. Think whatever you want. I assure you that no one will want to play this hero on a level above gold.


i just got reported for using time traps . that’s right u herd me. one of my team mates said they were going to report me cause I accidently time stopped him from ulting lucio.

extremely poor design when u play a hero and your own team hates u.


I can still do high overall dmg, but it is not the same style as before rework. Personaly I dont want to play her anymore and I will probably switch to ktz or mephisto. Hope they will not touch any of them :frowning:


how I feel about chromie .

she is TRASH now .

all the skilled people and higher ranked players know this to be true. that’s why chromie has less then a 5% win rate in masters & grand masters. so many other mages are better , and more powerful then chromie .

I herd chromie was moved from the burst category to sustain DPS cause her opt is so low now . was wondering if anyone could verify this ?


I feel the say way , I really hate the way chromie plays now .has nothing to do with the massive power nerf.

what I hate about chromie now , is that she literally has no identity any longer .she is just a cheap Li-ming - guldan wanna be with more risk and less reward. plus her time traps work against u now. and the only 1 true talent that chromie is WORLD RENOWED for " BYE BYE " has been removed from the game .


this new chromie has killed this game for me. Because , it tells me what the future of hots is like, and what’s in store for rest of the heros that require time, skill , and patience to learn .

I played and liked the old chromie cause she was by far the hardest hero to learn and master. it took me almost 1 full year to get really good with her.

and the funniest part about people complaining on chromie being “OP” is that for the first 2 years of her release she never had over a 45% win rate . that’s why they buffed her twice , cause her rep - rate in diamond- GM was the lowest in the whole game , even lower then Vikings.

it took about a year of playing the old chromie to learn her timing just right , against every hero in the game to be effective.

the old chromie like 2 versions back was the most perfect . cause if u were bad at skill shots, positioning, timing, traps. etc… u paid DEERLY for it .

now this new chromie is like a really cheap and way less viable verison of Guldan that does less damage mixed with a weak version of Junkrat’ s concussion mine .

blizzard taught me a lesson by changing chromie so drastically, and that’s to never invest that kind of time into another blizzard product ever again .

that’s before they nerfed her into the most disgusting abomination I have ever seen . she is worth nothing now.


Chromie is my highes char atm, I really loved her gameplay. I do agree that her hs talent was too OP.

But with this rework, I dont want to play her anymore.
This is not the first time Im loosing my main, and with the reworks, i assume its not the last neither

I use to main Valla, they reworked her, so I stopped playing her. Same thing happened with Kharazim. Now Chromie

There are still couple of heroes with nice gameplay, but it still sux to loose mains…


ya chromie really is the worst hero in the game atm .


Chromie is now balanced. If you know how to play it, it is definitely a proper pick


lol I 100% disagree with u .

chromie has been nerfed twice again since chromie’s re-nerf , and she has zero impactful damage.

and doesn’t really help them team until late in the game.

the only players that says she’s good is in bronze -gold past that she is a laughable troll pick.


I suggest you learn how to play her.