Time to say goodbye for "multiclass" Varian


To begin with I usualy don’t support reworks of characters - many was not good at all.
2nd thing is that I have sympathy for Varian’s mechanic.
Unfortunately, his “multiclass” character is making him one of the most toxic heroes in the game.
Chance to see “correct build” in the game is so low, that all design of the character is suffering on it, and actual I started to ban him in draft only for My people cant to take him.
During the last 2 weeks time, I didn’t see even one, correctly built “Tank Varian” - no matter ranked/unranked/QM.
People choose him as a tank, then they build him as a bruiser, and team end’s without tank at all, and is melted in every situation.
So I would suggest that “Blue squad” should think about how do they want Varian should be and place him in one, decided role.


So how is the low knowledge, ignorance and low ability of the players a fault of the character design? I love Varian. He is working as intended and the multi-class concept is part of the play. There are numerous substitutes if someone is uncomfortable. He can solo bosses and camps but so can Butcher, Illidan and even Thrall and Maltahel sometimes. If someone can tank with Colossus Smash, go for it. If someone can DPS with Taunt sure.

The problem you are stating is user related. Great many people pick him in tank roles and say, ‘I am gonna show them!’ and they fail to protect their squishies. Others level him with Taunt just to see their team lacking DPS to end a team-fight. How is this a design fail?

During the last 2 weeks I have seen correctly built Varian and he can kill pretty well even as a tank. I would say he is as dangerous as Chen and even worse for Tracer, Genji, Lunara. I have also seen the famed twin-blades build being decimated by proper stuns and positioning. If fact I am much more worried by a good Illidan or Alarak than by twin-blade or CS Varian. So what do you want exactly? Remove 2 of his builds or what?


Yes, is for nurf. Im agree with that.
Yes, he is OP heroe.
That why stoped play!
Well…i can admin and agree ,they can rework him do not be as tank.


Brutalnot can you stop also coming yo forums? Why you stop to play hots and still spend all of your time here? That is not smaet


Do you assume that because they wrote “I’m going for tank Varian” in chat or is it just your opinion of what build they might go with? Because if they didn’t declare, they’ll go a tank build, you shouldn’t assume and/or expect that.


Ghahaaha what does it mean CAN TANK/DPS with CS or Taunt ??? Its not about player skill ,its not a matter of player’s ability to, you just physically CANT produce enough dps pressure with Taunt Varian and you cant survive 1,5 second on CS varian to TANK anything. You cant be more wrong here . Come on … I myself feel cringy for having to explain simple concepts or stuff like that , its embarrassing dude.


1st. of all don’t ‘dude’ me because it is disrespectful.
2nd. no one is arguing with your concepts and these are indeed the intended roles, yet some players do manage to act as tanks with bruiser dps talents and vise versa. How many times Leoric or Artanis have been top dps? This IS skill and play-style. But those are exceptions and you are right and this is the reason for this post, because most people think they can but they can’t. While I have not seen Varian tank with CS I have most certainly seen him tank with Twin Blades. I don’t know about Taunt DPS but I have certainly seen Taunt Varian 1st on take-downs.


According to Blizzard? It is, or else they wouldn’t redesign Nova so many times, to finally end with dumbing down stealth in general. Valeera’s nerf was also a thing, other heroes were nerfed as well for being “noob stompers”. The issue is almost the same, a team having time spoiled because of bad players, but here it’s one Varian player dragging down entire team, with cloakers like Nova or Valeera it was ignorant noobs being stomped and thus feeding said cloaker’s team.

Coming back to forums after so many months of inactivity only to see all the same issues being mentioned. Makes me feel joy I backed down from this. Still the best MOBA I played, but with terrible development direction.


Yea taking the last hit of a co-op killing gank or teamfight means alot , omegalul .And also we are not all native speakers so dude is just a normal form of adress like a man or smth . We are in the internet ,dude , a game forum , its informal .
Try to save your Lion’s Maw for lasthits and u will be first on takedowns too . Why are u using this as argument when lasthitting to become top killer means absolutely nothing ?? OLOLOLO