Troll Varians ruining games


Game should lock twinblade and yelling ulty from Varian when they are the only warrior in team (game calculated that he would be tank). Im sick of playing with low iq twinblade trolls while my enemy team has a tank… Oh yeah and is it me or is it always the ally Varian that refuses to take taunt ult, while enemy varian actually does.


I can tell you when i get varian as random I pick taunt, but you cant force a QM varian to play by your spec where when he locked in initially as a different spec that he wanted.
When you get a twinbalde varian, just imagine him actually being an Illidan and if u want rage at the system for not giving you a tank.
But the human behind the Varian is allowed to make the same choices of whatever he wants to play in QM just like you.


I cant imagene him as being illidan because illidan is damage dealer only and varian can be tank. The only reason why I’m complaining is because the game calculated that he would pick taunt and therefore my enemy had a tank and our team did not (because he went twinblade).


I got a level 16 Varian and always go for TB in QM.Going tank in QM with Varian always left me ripping my hear off once i see the plays from my team.Then again i pulled off 5 win streak wins in QM with Varian.

Deppend on what combo and what kind of players you get.


Solution would be if varian in QM was counted as a bruiser, and thus the enemy team would get a bruiser like artanis, sonya, chen… Not a heavy weight tank like stitch, anub…
It would be a bit easier.


AI isn’t there yet buddy.


Unfortunately, Chen is a Main tank as far as the MM is concerned ,i keep getting him in random vs malganis… :sob:


Varian is bad solo tank in a first place. Even with taunt. Why are you not asking to lock assassins until 2 front liners and a healer are picked?


Yes…right definitely Varian must be change like in bruser in QM…and yes,we playerbase must shouting here more.long time intil they change him. But biggest problem is in playerbase in Ranked ( when is not banned and picked) playerbase still cant learn how do not die easy. Many players do this huge mistake do not back or pull back enemy team to close at forths…espectacly Alterac Pass map,even will be picked Varian with this TB build. Even he is still so strong…playerbase cant astimation (often)when start back safe behind forths…
I have few smart solutions…if QM is like new mode …where …QM search system program is prechoosen heroes search mode,with tick box on every heroe. If player is alone or 2 or 3 ,leader will do that!:slight_smile: Just pre choosen or prepicked all heroes wich players want,but of course with strict rule,again like same versione,1 each heroe per class!:slight_smile:. Yes,i know…then queue will be longer…but they can work of 2 versiones cross servers ( NA,Asia,EU) QM modes…1 is normal other is crossserver search system,but to be can choosen,if not want players wait long time ,with again tick box(click tick box)!..:slight_smile: Even i think about talents build be clearly explained with all variants in this list option, with all talents!:slight_smile: Dint worry almost everything can be fixed…if i can work in Blizzard team and to be high xp-ed programer! :wink: