Tyrande 3rd heroic row - lvl 16

Tyrande’s heroic skills are very passive… But really crucial to playing her well. Her heroic choice and proper use of them makes a difference between a skilled and less skilled player. They are okayish as standalone, but they should feel more meaningful to press and have more interesting effects without overbuffing them.
In light of that, I propose that we make her a hero with essentially 3 heroic rows.

So, for example, her 16 talent row is a little underwhelming…
How about instead, those talents were to make her heroics do something more…

1st. Tyrande’s Shadowstalk heroic buffs her next 2 Owl casts within 30s to do 10-12%hp dmg to the first target hit.
2nd. Tyrande’s Celestial Wrath heroic increases Tyrande’s attack damage by 25% for 4s each time it deals damage to a hero. Attacking refreshes duration.
3rd. Tyrande’s Shadowstalk heroic gives every ally affected unstoppable or ‘undying’ for 0.5 sec on cast
4th. Tyrande’s Celestial Wrath heroic heals the lowest hp ally by 3%hp each time it deals damage to an enemy hero.
Bonus: make Celestial Wrath heroic global again.

This gives both of her heroics a lot more potential for use without making them too powerful while also preserving her previous lvl 16 talents just in a lot more interesting way.

To tell the truth, since rework a long time ago I treat Tyrande as hero for “fans” not for effects.

No cleanse, no anti-CC skills, no dmg, hunter sign and skills combination nerfed…

Unplayable - or maby not enough efficient - to play in the competition level.