Unfair TL trolls in game


today i played with 2 silver and one gold in ranked in every game we got platina against us and in one game we get 2 platinas vs us that balance is really awesome next issue was when i got 4 trolls in one game how is it even possible we played game without a support seriously he prepicked support and changed it to kerrigan in last second of pick game started and i write we dont need even try its lose anyway and i got full report from all that is very awesome ppl like that dont get ban but i do we losed in 10 minute but i was the bad one who got full report balance in tl is so awesome did the developers even know and play their game its totally inbalanced in everything that is not even normal fix that game it could be good if someone even know what is the issue but i feel like developers absolutely dont care about that


Na to ti řeknu jenom jedno, vítej v HotSku, tohle blizzard neřeší v žádným případě, oni jsou rádi že lolkaři přešli na hotsko protože tam řeší ty problémy aktivně… Já jsem takhle spadl z silver 1 na silver 3 a z toho silveru se těžko dostává.