'Waiting for Game Results'


8.8. 2017 - Heroes Brawls: Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck on ‘Waiting for Game Results’

Well it’s back now.


this just happened after 2 brawl matches. Your games are really going down hill


I’m so glad they moved it from bug reports to general. It will surely get fixed faster this way.
Meanwhile, 19d later this is still an issue.


This issue will remain forever, as long as they keep old game engine.


Plus they just don’t care either. People are fleeing from the company


19h later it’s still there


I see you still haven’t bothered to fix this. Could you care less about your games. No wonder gamers and employess are fleeing from your games/the company. I wouldn’t be surpriced if Blizzard closed down in a few years


I don’t even remember the last time I saw my brawl results…


I would also like to have this fixed as I met this in all three brawl games today.

It would also be nice though if people would keep a sober tone in here and stop the toxicity.


Maybe if they stopped being so greedy and startet to focus on making good balanced games and not just making lots and lots of money


It’s still there, btw…


Still hasn’t been fixed. Guess Blizzard really dosen’t care about their games. Then whyu should we. I had been thinking about qutting the game. Ranked is also getting worse


Big patch…no fix. Oh well. Can’t wait to see it in 2 hours in yet another brawl…
Edit: yep, it’s still there.