Welcome to the new forums!


We would like to take the time to welcome you to our new forums. We hope you enjoy the new features, such as the ability to post images and videos, and that our forums will continue to be a place to share around the game and its community. The forums are an incredible source of constructive feedback and we hope to continue reading exciting conversations.

Thank you for your presence and patience during this transition. We can not wait to read you!


not a big fan of the design but the notifications feature is kind of cool


I like the the interface of the new forums for posting alot more.
Rest seems okay.

About the term TL;DR’s you mean the insultive term right?

Since some of us have really long posts and make a “TL;DR” summary at the end.
Are these okay or do we use Something like: “Quick Summary:”


am I dreaming or there is finally a bug report sub forum on EU?

no longer 2nd class citizens


Im sad that theres no update to the avatars , also it has now merged avatars so i share the same 1 in EU and in US ( i used to have a different one for each area - now i have to pick ) it will take some getting used to but overall the forum features look nice


About ‘TL;DR’, I think it’s about context and using it carefully, as is the case with many day-to-day expressions when used behind a keyboard. I guess it’s OK to use it when describing something you yourself has written; otherwise, I would suggest using ‘(Quick) Summary’, just to be safe.


why couldn’t post data from the old forums be transported to the new? we’re gonna get alot of roundabouts now.


Change is scary and evil.

(Hides in the nearby bushes)


It’s also refreshing.

(Dehaka licks your ear)


It’s fresh and updated! I like this new forums and it is way better! :slight_smile:


Jesus Christ, you can’t be serious. This is probably the worst example I’ve seen yet of redesigns on webpages in recent years post Win10-indoctrination using the “huheuheuheu”-handheld-device-design approach. You went from a 7/10 to a 2/10 overnight, when the goal was merely to tweak it to 8/10. Its tragic to see changes for the worse and in the midst, you have the herd of sheep celebrating it as improvement. God save us all.

Just the very simple fact you have to click the symbol within the buttons such as ‘reply’ says it all. And that is just the tiny top of the iceberg.


Yup, better quote entire posts again instead of using replies.


any specific reason why the bug report forum was deleted after it was made available in the EU forums right after the revamp?

to follow up on my 2nd class citizens comment, why don’t you just combine the two forums at this point if english is the main moderated language?

myself and many others already prefer the US forums since they offer more crucial forum categories that the EU ones for some reason lack


Jesus Christ, how disgusting new design is! What the hell, Blizzard? This is just horrify!


The only argument I’ve seen officially (blue posted) regarding this stance is “so that they can accommodate region-based content” i.e. something only for EU, but not NA as example. Which is just a BS excuse because that has never happened in relation to forums anyway and in perspective resembles the most minuscule of reasons. Let’s say they have a stick announcement which is only relevant for EU, and not any other regions, just simply put [EU] in front of the sticky post. Sorted! How f’ing hard was that? Took poor peasant me a second to type. I should run for office, I seem to have solutions for the biggest of issues! /s.

I’m not joking around, last time they cared to respond to that question why the boards weren’t merged, their truthful answer that made any remote sense was region-based content/announcements/whatever. Its a joke, because I want a unified board as well, as we are treated as 2nd hand citizens here. We got our first CM last year, after HotS and its EU board had already been dead! I have seen regular posters from EU board since its early days (beta) simply migrate to US board as activity here was stale/dead.

The same thing for WoW EU board, got their first CM during WoD, uhm a decade too late.


The forum is a nightmare to use on mobile devices and I am actually amazed by that fact.


Hahahaha, brilliant to get feedback from a handheld device user as I’m not. And that the purpose of the redesign is aimed towards handheld devices and they still manage to screw it up is hilariously funny. I fully understand your amazement.

Reminds me of Blizzard incapable of introducing simple voicechat to their games for decades, finally decides to outsource the project to third-party company, and the result is marginally better than the old baseline bad implementation no-one used. And people will continue to use Discord, TS etc.

And that boys and girls, is why we can’t have nice things.


Delete the broken here mal’ganis