What hero/es need the biggest rework?

Specifically, to have their abilities match the character from whatever universe we got them from.

For me, it is Kerrigan. Literally NOTHING about her kit, other than the * below, is represented in a single SC game from SC1 all the LotV. I always felt Zagara got the kit that better suited Kerrigan: summoning zerglings, hydras, roaches and banes, and nydus related ults. In game Kerrigan (over the years) had cloak, psi storm, summoning nydus worms (SC2 cinematic), summoning the leviathan, a dash, a jump (*, her current q), becoming Xel Naga, a wing pincer attack… HotS Kerrigan has maelstrom, a minor displacement and a small stun with spikes…

I think that the Li Ming damage must be upgraded. Because after many nerfs, I can use she only as a support to demolish enemy walls effectively. It is really not funny. Jaina, Graymane could easily inflict great damage, but Li Ming inflicts it in very small portions.

Only the build with Calamity and WoF couldbbe useful, but it is more risky and people seldomly use them in my games.