When you play as Zul'Jin and want to keep your health down to attack much faster


…the players who plays as a healer love to heal you back to full in order to make you attack much slower.


Its incredible diffcult for a burst healer to decide if and when to heal Zuljin. There are numerous abilities in the game that kill a <50% Zuljin instantly, while there 3 other players that expect you to help them whenever they dive in or are dived upon.
So its up to Zuljin to position himself in a way that he is outside of any CC by the enemy and certainly outside of the high-burst abilities in the game when prepping up his trait. This is the only way how the healer can decide for certain that the hero does not need a heal.

However, this is not the experience i made when playing support together with a Zuljin. They moan if they are healed, they complain if they die and they whine if they are flanking and nobody pulls off a miracle-save for them.


Try Kharazim. Not a single Zul’jin will complain if you use Divine Palm right before Taz’dingo is about to expire and they’re on 1 hp. Anything can trigger it, even a tiny minion arrow, so the synergy is there.


Yes, if i would pick my support for the dmg healer Kharazim might be the choice. I rather pick my support for his overall strength and its particular strength in a draft and on a map. Unfortunately, Kharazim currently shines were other dive heroes a involved or where his Seven-Sided-Ult gives you proper value (Cho’Gall, 2 high HP tanks).
I am not quite sure where Zul’jin shines compared to Cassia and Raynor (good old Jimmy, always underestimated). BoE? If so, Tyrande would still be the better support would’nt she? (trait value, multiple cleanse, instant-burst heal,…).


Have you tried messaging the healer so he knows? Don’t worry, you won’t get banned for that. I hope.