Why I am always teamed up with complete idiots?


I am not sure why is this happening, but in the past 3-4 months the average IQ of the players I happen to play in the same team, dropped significantly.
I am trying to limit my playing time after 10pm, so the young ones are already in bed, but this doesn’t seem to help anymore.

I start to believe that the matchmaking is desperately trying to find teams for me where we 60-70% loose.

Is there a way to overcome this? Any particular hero type that has significant influence over your random teammates?
Is the matchmaking considering the hero level? As I mostly play low level heroes nowdays. Could this be the reason?


Playing heroes in QM that are under lvl 5 as far i know lowers the MMR of the players in game as yiu arent exoerienced with the hero.

Might be that


Thats one likely cause, but then again i encountered the forced loss mechanic.
Well “forced” in a sense since all it did was try to balance my overall win rate that was 72-77% over the past 2 weeks.
The only real problem is the way the game does it it ups the enemies a bit which is fine but it adds really low players in your team.
A matchup i had two of my teammates were really confused about everything in the map and as i checked them later they had a major ammount of losses and a win rate of ONLY 42% and the other had 37% i think, 30something and honestly i was just shocked.

Sure we dont have players and it tries to make you loose occasionally aswell but my god that was just atrocious they had no idea about anything.
I just think to achieve 40 or less win rate should be pretty difficult the game tends to throw trash your way if you loose too much.