Why is blizzard flaming me?


i have now played my 100th teamleague match, and they still insist that i do not belong in my rank. i have slwoly climbed. even though i get about -5 points after every game, win or loss. why should i report people for being toxic to others when after every game i play, blizzard is saying :haha so you won again huh, well that is not because you are a good player you little punk. haha you think you deserve to be here you little shit? pff get out here we are deducting points for your win. you are not gold, you are a bronze piece of nerd! lulz get shit on.

i mean, the most toxic aspect of the game duss far is that blizzard keep taking my points away and saying i dont deserve my rank…


I have the same issue, right after the patch. I had been away for a month, and I suddenly start to lose -16 points on losses and -11 on wins, all of a sudden. I won like 8 matches in a row and still nothing. This only happens in hl, not tl. I am below diamond


That’s because your mmr is always stumbling behind when climbing or dropping.
It’s supposed to stop players from swinging too wildly between ranks.

It’s only relevant to long-term stabilizaton across a few hundred games.
-5 from 200 is nothing in short term climbs.

What you need to do is prove yourself by staying where you get. Your personal rating is already improving. If it wasnt it would be -5, -8, -10, -13 increasing after every match. It isnt though.