Why is Blizzard so ok with racism?


I said before there should be some kind of behavior police who can insta ban chat or other punishments.Players with approval,chosen legitimate to do that.let’s say 10% of players…Guess you do it,while play give warning,then block,or kick from server(problem is no good AI`s).

Just no other way,a lot of reports are with no reason so can`t be some good effect.


Think you are talking about Gestapo, KGB, NKVD, Stasi and other similar organisations who monitored peoples behavior and asserted punishment by applying their morals and views on others.

Be careful what you wish for, it might come true :wink:



I’ve had players with 3,000 plus games tell me to get cancer and call me all sorts of names for merely pinging for help at a camp. They were reported and happily continued playing. Don’t tell me they just happened to pick on me that one game in 3,000.

Blizzard does not care what you say, racist or otherwise. They only take action when numerous reports have been made against you. You will be insta-banned if you either

  1. Get into an argument with a trolling Blizz employee/GM that is smurfing or
  2. Enough reports have been made against you.

Your sarcastic “WP” when your allies suicide can earn you four reports, while a racist remark may earn you one report. Which do you think matters?

If Blizzard took their own ToS seriously the moment someone made a racist remark, they would banned. That’s not happening, period.


It is enough the first few times

If players get silenced enough times they receive suspensions preventing them from playing the game

And they will be unable to play on those accounts

I suggest you avoid these public chats if they are causing you to become upset

No good will come from you being around something that mostly causes you to have a bad mood just like your eyesight will not improve if you stare directly at the sun at high noon


They create new accounts.

Point is you get players with 3,000 games playing on accounts that bypass mature language filters (which should be instant-silence/ban) and nothing happens.

Considering racism is actually something that contravenes Blizz’s ToS, such players should be banned. I’m all for free speech in society, regardless of one’s views, but Blizz should be consistent on their own platform.


Banning immediately for a single offense is bad as it shows that the company doesn’t show lenience or mercy to it’s players

And it is bad for business as well because these players may end up being people who play their games and buy their merchandise

The point of having rules is to discourage bad behavior instead of reveling in punishing someone the very instant they go against what is written in the Terms of Service

Can you imagine being banned every single time you type something offensive?

Racism is not the only thing that is against the rules

Read up on them here:


Code of Conduct


There is a difference between offending someone by telling them they are a bad player, even cursing at them, vs insulting someone based on their ethnicity or race. There is no real excuse for being racist or making racist comments to an anonymous person in any case. Again I am 100% for free-speech where any and all topics may be discussed, but we live in a society where making a racist comments will see you dismissed form work. Making certain comments should thus not be tolerated on a public forum at all. It isn’t tolerated at football games and spectators get lifetime bans for single offenses, so it should not be tolerated here.


This was you said, thats pretty racist as well, since you generalized entire world. That statement is beyond truth, you don’t even see it.

You might live in Germany or idk, England… where these things are looked upon in the way you speak. But its not like that i.e. in Belorus or Ukraine or Madagaskar.

We can discuss these things all we want, fact is… racist to you, not racist to somebody else. These things are subjective.


No mate, racism is racism. It is not subjective. It’s permissiveness might be and it might be confused for nationalism, but when you refer to someone’s race itself, certainly in a derogatory way, that is racist.

Regardless, insulting someone based on their country is also not acceptable, so in general these things should not be tolerated.


Insulting somebody on any basis, be it intellectual, racial, national, ethnic, physique etc… is not nice. Generally insulting isn’t nice.

Thats the whole problem, cherry picking what kind of insult is acceptable and which isn’t.

To me, you putting my society and me as individual in some made up twisted “acceptable” view of life is an insult. Intellectual and ethnic.

So… it is subjective, you just don’t see it as such. Probably due to lack of philosophic thinking and capability to go beyond the buzz word “whats cool and whats not” standards.



These forums are run by a private company and they and they alone decide what they want to tolerate

And they have written it down for you too

So go here and read up on that

These are not absolute laws that the company is forced to follow by immediately punishing the offender but they are making a list of what is considered unacceptable by them and possible punishments for offenders

Ultimately people can be pardoned and punished at will by the company because the forums and game servers are privately owned by them

They are not bound or compelled by a law to do so and certainly are not forced to punish someone just because you told them to

All you can do is report anyone who breaks their rules by reporting them within the game you found them in

And you will have done your part


There are many other things we can easily do, that will be far more significant and effective than reporting individuals to Blizzard. I however choose to highlight and discuss these issues on Blizzard’s forum by choice, if only because I despise the snowflake culture that we live in.

There are many types of insults that won’t raise an eyebrow, others that any European company (or company that agrees to abide by European law) are required however by law to address. Hate speech is illegal for instance and so yes Blizzard are required to abide by these laws, hence its code of conduct.


Do your best to get something done then


As already indicated, I choose to show agreement on Blizzard’s forum to another poster, adding support to the concern for racist abuse and concern for Blizzard’s apparent inaction.

As I am quite certain many Blizzard employees care about their public perception, one would hope a public discussion on the matter (as opposed to private in-game report) would bring about a change. Fingers crossed, right.


I would love to see this “European law” you speak of though.

Hope you do realize such a thing doesn’t exist when it come to these things. EU is mostly regulatory, advisory and consultative in nature… not law making.

Entity 1st has to have a constitution in order to be even considered as law making and enforcing of made laws. EU has no constitution.

Every move they make as european committee has to be ratified in each individual states parlament. And if some country says, well that ain’t for us, then they don’t have to make it a law.

We agree Nuttela has to be the same everywhere, we agree about fishing quotas, gas quality and purity, ecology, bla bla… but when it comes to ideology, thats a whole different topic.


you know its frankly people like you that have made blizzard a sh$t company that makes cr@ppy games. Also its people like you that have been ruining gaming for a long time, please stop screwing with my hobby and go to some SJW cirlce j3rk elsewhere


I find it irionic tha tyour name has a racial slur in it and you want people banned for that offence. Also stop lying about support free speech, you are not for it so stop pretending


Ok im officially convinced this is a troll. Honestly no snowflake can be so oblivious as to compain about “snowflake culture” while being a massive snowflake I mean really how in the world

on a side note there is no such thing as “hate speech” there is simply speech you disagree with


Using that logic there is no such thing as pain either

There is only a sensation that your body physically disagrees with


My name is KingGazlow spelled backwards… I’m afraid you are grasping at straws

Lol. I’ve complained for the last two years that Blizzard bans/silences individuals far too easily. Highlighting an inconsistency with which Blizzard deals too harshly with players who make minor insults or sarcastic comments, compared to genuine racist insults, has absolutely nothing to do with being a snowflake :slight_smile: