Why isn't there any new Ragnaros skins?

Did you know that Ragnaros, the mighty firelord, since his release hasn’t received a single new skin? I could imagine a “snow lord” or “sand lord” or a “pizza lord” or whatever, but seeing the same 3 skins with recolours do exhausts my eyes sometimes. Do you agree or disagree with me, maybe do you have more/better ideas, go ahead and reply.

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Do you think you are the first who said about this?..

Actually I dont remember, but they said ragna will get new skins in the farther future.

Agree with this ^^

I suggested some in the past, but i’ll try again.

The sand one could be cool.
They could make a “fel” skin, like what we saw in legion. Black and green.
I see a more icy skin. Blue and white
A water skin. It seems fitting with how his legs are a turrent. Is lave wave ulti would just be a wave.
I recall a dungeon in wow that had a wind boss who’s lower body was similar to ragnaros lower body. So an air theme skin
Some heroes have 30+ skins, while others are at 6-8

They could literally make the opposite and make the “WaterLord” The “RockLord” and on and on and it would be nice to theme those skins by the looks of the elementals from warcraft.

something to do with the popularity of the hero. Plus they just don’t care